Allen Creek Community Church - Student Pastor

  • Marysville, United States

Allen Creek Community Church - Student Pastor

Job description


Allen Creek Community Church (AC3) was planted in 1994 by two couples with a passion to reach people who did not know Jesus in Marysville, WA. With a very humble start, this seeker-oriented church with just a handful of people began meeting in a living room with Rick Thiessen serving as the founding Pastor.

Their vibe is still very much the same, they still seek to reach the unchurched seeker, but instead of entering a living room, congregants and visitors now have a large warehouse space to be welcomed into where relationships can be strengthened and new friendships can begin.

Prior to COVID-19, AC3 had just completed a deep evaluation with a consulting group. Based on recommendations, several strategic changes were being implemented. And now as things begin to open back up (from COVID) AC3 is focused on thise new implementations, improving their online presence and preparing to reach more people through programming and a renewed passion for reaching the unchurched region.


AC3 is led by a gifted and humble leader, Rick Thiessen. The leadership culture is marked by integrity, authenticity and a desire to do life together. Rick is the founding pastor of 26+ years. He has strong communication skills and loves to teach. His own passions form AC3's feel. Rick is very interested in a seeker's questions and intellectual roadblocks; this leads to his passion for apologetics.

Rick loves to empower others for the ministry and equally praise them for the job well done. He likes to stay in his own lane, which is teaching and vision-casting. To that end he has gathered key leaders who are administrative and "turn key." Rick is not admin gifted or oriented, so the leaders that thrive around him need to be self-starters who can take the grand vision and implement for their own ministry as they contribute to the overall direction of the church.

Staff are expected to build their teams well and give the ministry away and not be a one-person show. They should takes risks and trust their growing team as they learn the ministry.

Rick and Johnna have two grown sons who serve in the Church and two foster-adopted girls.


The goal of the Student Ministry at AC3 is to help students fulfill Christ’s purposes for everyone: To Love God. To Love the Church. To Love the World. The Student Ministry will fulfill the mission of AC3: to be safe place where every student can become fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

AC3 Student Ministries seek to create fun and engaging environments for those in middle school and high school. It focuses on creating large and small group settings for all ages that engage youth through relationships, games, creativity, study and a ton of fun. The Student Pastor gives oversight to all of the ministries from 6th through 12th grade.


The goal for the ministry is to create a place where all students are loved and cared for by volunteers who express Christ’s love to them, as well as a place where students feel a sense of refuge from the world and a refueling to go share with the world. This happens through authentic relationships between students and adult leaders and peer to peer.


AC3 is equipped with resources to create environments for all to have a blast. In addition to use of the auditorium where all sorts of games and skits can be facilitated, there is dedicated space upstairs for break-out discussions and a loft with booth style seating to share a snack and deep conversations.


Relationships with small group leaders and each other flow out of the foundation the leadership seeks to lay through the teaching and modeling of God's Word. AC3 is known for their commitment to real and applicable teaching of the Bible.



AC3 is seeking out a visionary leader who has the ability to inherit and develop a faithful set of lay-leaders; then cast vision and develop strategies that will promote growth within the student ministry. The leadership at AC3 is excited to head into the next chapter for student ministries and eager to begin partnering with a new leader who is driven by a love for Jesus and a love for students.


Most AC3 parents appear to have apathy. Many come from unchurched backgrounds and don't expect to have a ministry professional reach, teach or shepherd their sons and daughters. Prioritizing their kids involvement in a youth ministry does not have a cultural precedent for them.

Conversely, some will struggle to do their share of the discipling of their own kids, as per the Biblical model, and may default to the pro, as opposed to seeing the Church supplement their personal discipling efforts.

The new leader will need to navigate these two norms -- students who have unchurched family and Christian families who do not necessarily pour into their own sons and daughters spiritual development.


Create, recreate, and expand the ministry to middle school and high school students— very few traditions (if any) exist (which could be seen as a blessing)— the new student pastor will need to have the ability to build upon the small foundation and establish creative ways to minister to the preteens, teens and families.


The previous Youth Director loved the students very well and the students loved her as well. She was faithful, but because of health issues, she has had to step down. The ministry is essentially at a "reset" stage. The new leader will have the freedom to be creative with his or her approach to ministry and programming.


As AC3 grows, it is imperative that the new Student Pastor designs a ministry structure that is scalable to grow with the church. AC3 has a faithful group of volunteers longing to be trained with effective tools and methods to meet students where they are, partner with parents through the teen years and equip students to love Jesus and others well.


OVERALL: The goal of the youth ministry at AC3 is to help students fulfill Christ’s purposes for everyone: To Love God. To Love the Church. To Love the World. Our Youth Ministry will fulfill the mission of AC3: to be safe place where every student can become fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

OVERSIGHT: The youth pastor reports to the Senior Pastor—for spiritual and ministry guidance. The Senior Pastor will provide ongoing evaluation of performance and an annual review of progress to keep our youth ministry in alignment with our overall church’s mission, vision and values. This should include a Youth Ministry Action Plan.


  • Create environments for life change in small and large gatherings, where students 6th grade to 12th grade can connect with God and each other.
  • Create compelling invitational environments where AC3 youth can invite their non-Christian friends to experience and hear the gospel.
  • Build a team of passionate volunteer leaders to help reach, mentor and disciple students in small groups.
  • Develop/implement a discipling plan to walk students from infancy in Christ to maturity.
  • Develop opportunities for students to show Christ’s love by caring for the needs of their community.
  • Connect relationally with students and foster a team to share this pastoral call.
  • Equip students to know, defend, and share the Gospel personally with their friends.
  • Engage with local Middle and High school faculty to foster great working relationships.
  • Engage with AC3 Parents to foster their support of AC3’s youth ministry and to help raise their student(s).


  • Be an advocate for students at AC3 overall. Educate the church body about the hopes, concerns and needs of students in the local church and community.
  • Pay attention to balancing the emphasis of loving God, the Church and the World.
  • Develop a teaching plan to cover the “whole counsel of God”
  • Provide mentorship and leadership opportunities for students.
  • Maintain an awareness of new resources in student ministry/culture and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.
  • Shepherd volunteer team with encouragement, counsel, training, correction and affection
  • Develop a strategic ministry outreach plan with knowledge of local student culture.
  • Manage student ministry budget center.
  • Communicate with students and parents in a timely manner using all avenues available (email, web, phone apps, texting, etc.).
  • Attend all weekly Staff Meetings and other regularly scheduled meetings such as our Quarterly Triad Meetings and annual staff retreat.
  • Ensure that legal policies for safe ministry are observed at all functions & events


  • Assent to and ownership of AC3’s core statements of belief, mission, vision and values.
  • Clear, observable commitment to Jesus Christ and a heart for the Gospel.
  • Growing and demonstrable Christian character and commitment to transparency, peace-making and relational maturity including in marriage (if married).
  • A professional certification in Student Ministry or the pursuit of advanced degree in student ministry is preferred.
  • Must have vision for and ability to plan, coordinate, and manage a student and family ministry in the local church.
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills, and computer skills.
  • Must have ability to work with diverse students, parents and volunteers.


  • Teaching occasionally in our Sunday main services (frequency varies by gifting/interest)
  • Work with other AC3 staff members for all church events and functions.
  • Meeting with people for prayer/encouragement (families of students)
  • Hospital and home visits for prayer/encouragement (families of students)
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor