Bethel Church - High School Ministry Director

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Bethel Church - High School Ministry Director

Job description


Bethel Church is a large, modern church known for their solid bible teaching and engaging worship services. They aren't just about the gathering as they seek to have ministry opportunities for all types of people and personalities so that ministry multiplies and lives are transformed.

The church seeks to help people know and grow in their relationship with Jesus; small groups have always played an integral part of their strategy. In addition, the church has always prioritized missions - both local and global.

The church, which experienced rapid growth in the 1990's and early 2000's launched campuses in Kennewick and Prosser. The Richland campus (where this hire is being made) has experienced the most turmoil during the Pandemic and looks forward to bringing on a new High School Director and help bring about some leadership stability as they come out of the Covid-restrictions.


Bethel Church Student Ministries seek to create desired environments for those in middle school and high school. They focus on creating large group settings where all can feel welcomed and engaged. In addition they seek to move students into small group settings (Clusters) where students can grow in relationship with Jesus, caring leaders and friends while feeling known.

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Bethel is seeking a High School Ministry Director. The High School Ministry of Bethel exists to provide students in grades 9-12 can experience a growth relationship with God in four areas: worship, word, service and community.

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Sunday Gathering

High School Ministry (HSM) gathers as a large group every Sunday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The current ministry program is pretty predictable, consisting of hang out time, games, worship, a message and ending with 15-20 minutes of small group discussions.

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Small Groups (Clusters)

Small Groups for Bethel HSM are called "Clusters" Each of these gender-based groups currently have a mix of most of the four grade levels an vary in size from about 4 to 10. These groups meet throughout the week during the evenings to help students grow in their understanding of the Bible and practice of Scriptures as well as create community with their group leader and other participants.

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Life Together: Here and There

Bethel Church is equipped with ample resources to create a variety of environments where high school students can be met by loving leaders and grow together in Christ and in relationship with one another. Through weekly programming, events, retreats, camps and missions, the ministry is committed to doing life together.

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Biblically Relevant

Bethel Church leadership seeks to teach and model God's Word in relevant ways. Both large and small group settings take time in God's Word to discover what the Lord has said to His people. Bethel is known for their commitment to real and applicable teaching of the Bible.

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The High School Ministry has a good (historical) foundation to build upon and a fantastic pipeline feeding it through the middle school ministry as well. COVID and a couple staff transitions have proven to take its toll on the high school ministry, but all are in agreement that this "reset" button is ideal in time. A new day awaits and Bethel Church leaders stands ready for this new direction for HSM.

Patrosky Anderson, the Next-Gen Director, serves directly with the middle school ministry, which is seeing consistent growth, vibrant gatherings and is known for their welcoming environments.

The new High School Director will be charged with relationally investing in students leaders and parents to assess what has historically worked and rebuild the ministry over the next many months into something that has a long-term sustainable future.


The HSM volunteer team has had some strong personalities through the years, the current flock of leaders are awesome individuals who have held onto the ways things have "always worked." On the positive side, this team has great ownership in the ministry and a strong desire to see the students grow-- but, they must adapt to new vision and methodologies in order to take the ministry to new places. This issue has been addressed directly with the team and the team looks forward to being equipped for the future.

A leader who is willing to love the current leaders well (build relational equity and trust) but also firmly support the new vision and diretion will succeed. The desire is to see a more relationally-based ministry model where students feel comforatable and confident inviting their unchurched friends.


Because of the size, scope and potenatl growth of HSM it is imperative that the new Director come in with the knowledge that much of his time will be spent with the adult population in student ministry. Time with students is always desired, but the realistic expectation for this new hire is that he will equip, empower leaders for relational ministry with students.

It is understood that to begin, relational equity must be earned with all three groups (students, leaders and parents), so a strategic leader will know this balance as he lays a foundation for growth.


Bethel Church is a fun environment with many rewards- however it is a driven environment as well. The new leader should come in ready to laugh, but also equipped and driven to work. The Bethel Church Next-Gen Minsitry team does much in collaboration, so the new member should be ready to contribute ideas to the overall scope and sequence of all of the ministry (birth through high school).


Though the church is proud of their heritage of being a biblically deep church, the students and parents are looking for the students to have a safe-space to belong and grow. Students communicated a desire for more fun opportunities where they can be together, do life and learn from God's Word, adult leaders and each other.

A leader who focuses on building community, creating events and activities where students feel safe to bring unchurched friends while also accurately and applicably teaching God's truth should find great success.


Position Summary: The High School Ministry Director is responsible to oversee all aspects of High School Ministry at Bethel’s Richland Campus. This person will be a contributing member to Bethel’s Next Gen Team (5th grade through young adults) with the aim of winning and discipling high school students to Christ through the creation of discipleship pathways for both students and volunteers. This person will integrate Bethel’s overall vision into High School Ministry, while growing and sustaining a large ministry through volunteers.


  • Maintains a personal and mature relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Committed to following the membership covenant of Bethel including supporting church doctrine, regular church attendance, small group participation, and overall engagement as part of the Bethel community
  • Humble, teachable, collaborative and flexible – has the maturity to both lead and follow
  • Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to be organized and multitask in a complex environment
  • Committed to personal growth, servant leadership, and healthy relationships
  • Passion to help the next generation of High School students grow and become mature Christians
  • Ability to effectively communicate to various audiences both large and small
  • A demonstrated history of creativity and innovation
  • A strategic mind with the ability to turn vision into strategy and implementation
  • Demonstrated previous success and an ongoing ability to recruit, train, and support volunteers
  • A strong and passionate work ethic – charges hard, and makes things happen
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or 7+ years of experience
  • 3+ years’ experience leading a high-school ministry

  • Responsibilities

  • Leadership and oversight of all aspects of High School Student Ministry programming (activities, worship, small groups, teaching etc.), strategic planning, communication with parents, volunteers, staff, tracking ministry metrics
  • Develop, assemble, and equip a group of adults to shepherd high school students
  • Teach in the large group setting on a regular basis, develop other teachers to do the same
  • Build relationships, conducts regular informational/training sessions and shows appreciation to volunteers
  • Recruit, develop and equip a student age leadership team
  • Be a contributing member of Bethel sports leadership team
  • Provide pathways to discipleship in multiple contexts (large group gatherings, small groups, retreats, events, activities, ministry trips, etc.)
  • Develop and implement strategy to empower at-home parental discipleship
  • Hire and equip support staff as needed and budget allows
  • Promote connection with students in the local high schools
  • Create a culture that reaches out to multiple communities in the Tri-Cities with logical ties to high schoolers
  • Create a culture of service, both inside and outside the church
  • Prioritize both a culture of Worship and Biblical depth in weekly gatherings
  • Manages and maintain the High School Ministry budget
  • Other duties as assigned