BridgeChurch - Communications Director

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BridgeChurch - Communications Director

Job description

The current team at BridgeChurch is hungry for a new leader who will lead forward in a work culture with few limitations. The challenge will be to quickly partner with leadership and create effective strategies to communicate what is happening internally in order to bridge the gap to those who are disconnected or are far from God. Senior leadership is more committed than ever to leveraging digital communications to draw people to God through BridgeChurch.

Currently, BridgeChurch is looking for a leader who will lead the charge in helping them reposition their brand identity through an omni-channel strategy that reflects the heart and mission of BridgeChurch. The Communications Director will need a high level of emotional intelligence and diplomacy as they work closely with Senior Leadership and ministry leaders.

The ideal candidate will be called to deploy their gifts, talents and influence for the Kingdom. They will be a catalyst for positive change who is comfortable in a player-coach role – setting the strategy, leading the function and vendors/partners, but also a willing doer. A strong work ethic with a passion and vision for helping others is key to success at BridgeChurch.

Position Overview: The Communications Director is responsible for oversight and development of staff to support the vision, mission, values and strategy of BridgeChurch by directing all components of communications and marketing. As such, the position is responsible for and focused on service, team development, oversight and execution of all aspects of communication and marketing as outlined below.

Responsibilities Include:


  • Develop a system to organize, prioritize and communicate everything happening at BridgeChurch
  • Create communication strategies to market, inform, inspire, promote teaching series, and campaigns that engage BridgeChurch's audience(s)
  • Lead efforts to ensure all videos, art and promotional materials related to BridgeChurch and its ministries are developed with a high standard of creativity, excellence and effectiveness
  • Manage all aspects of The Bridge website(s) ensuring that the content is timely, current and accurate, and represents an effective presence on the web
  • Work closely with the Pastor of Creative Arts to produce creative and effective promotional or instructional videos for worship services and weekly content distribution through BridgeChurch's various communications channels.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and Pastor of Creative Arts to develop creative ways to communicate desired messages with BridgeChurch's audience(s)
  • Serve ministry staff and departments by acting as an “in-house ad agency” which produces quality promotional materials to support church-wide & departmental goals
  • Oversee the design and publication of all regular print (i.e., bulletins, signs, banners, publications, brochures) and digital (i.e., website, e-news, social media, slides, videos) communications
  • Enforce organizational compliance with intellectual property and copyright law
  • Propose, oversee and monitor the annual departmental budget for Communications

  • Marketing:

  • Oversee BridgeChurch's brand by monitoring the look, language, and feel of all promotional materials on all channels that represent BridgeChurch, including the use of logos, images, and video.
  • Leverage the power of social media and strategize ways to introduce new people BridgeChurch while inviting everyone to take their next step
  • Create a positive relationship with local and national media including efforts to secure or respond to media attention, as well as develop policies related to media relations

  • Staff Leadership:

  • Be committed to holiness and developing your walk with God
  • Serve as part of the Senior Leadership Team for vision-casting, ministry direction and planning
  • Participate as a member of the Staff Team for the BridgeChurch family, including participation in a Life Group and assist other ways as needed
  • Pursue professional, personal and spiritual development
  • Carry out other duties as assigned

  • Requirements

    The Ideal Candidate with be someone who is:

  • A humble person of character, who demonstrates a track record of godly maturity.
  • Enthusiastic about the mission, vision and values of BridgeChurch
  • A lover of God who loves students deeply.
  • A team player who thrives in collaborative environments.
  • A self-motivated individual who is excellence-minded.
  • A leader who organizes and develops teams so that ministry is done through others.
  • Highly relational and enjoys spending time with and investing in others.
  • Passionate about reaching and equipping students.
  • A creative person with administrative strengths.
  • Authentic and responsive in their relationship with Jesus.
  • A sense of humor.

  • Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and/or equivalent, relevant work experience.
  • Minimum three years of experience working in the media and communications field.
  • Preferred experience overseeing a paid staff.
  • Knowledge of best practices and industry trends in the field of communications.