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Bridgepoint Church - Worship Leader

Job description


As a church that has been using the gospel to build bridges with the people of Boise since the mid-1950s, Bridgepoint Church lives up to its name. Bridgepoint is a warm and friendly place made up of real people who genuinely love each other. Humility is demonstrated at every level as the church has gained a reputation of being “the church that serves.” There is a strong core of staff and volunteers who embrace its mission of changing their world through the power of the gospel. Practical Bible-centered teaching and ministry has long been a priority for Bridgepoint Church, along with effective children’s and student ministries.

Worship plays a key role at Bridgepoint. The church is committed to becoming a community of engaged worshipers. The planning and execution of its services is not showy yet reflects a high standard of excellence and draws families of all ages. The church genuinely desires for people to experience a growing and deepening relationship with God through both personal and collective or corporate worship. While the heritage is strong and the message has never wavered, ministry methods at Bridgepoint continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the Treasure Valley.


Bridgepoint is a well-established church with a quality worship ministry that is poised and ready for strong leadership that will help take it to the next level. While the congregation is currently embracing the interim leadership, there is a growing desire to find a Worship Leader who can lead and develop musicians and worship leaders to transform the worship ministry into a growing and vibrant ministry of the church.

Because of its proximity to Boise State University and the growing young adult population in its immediate area, Bridgepoint is also beginning a concerted effort at reaching 20 somethings. The church desires to reach, disciple, and develop this group of people and hopes the next Worship Leader will also love to lead this generation in worship.

Bridgepoint Church is looking for a leader in worship who can partner with the Creative Arts Pastor, Senior Pastor and the existing staff to lead and shepherd the people of Bridgepoint well, and support the mission and vision of the church—a Worship Leader who will creatively lead modern worship for the church, maintain strong biblical standards in life and ministry and operate with a heart for the ministry within the local church.


The Worship Leader serves in partnership with the Creative Arts Pastor as a part of Bridgepoint Church’s overall mission, and reports to the Senior Pastor, Jeff Love. They must be adaptable and able to carry out the ever-changing responsibilities that arise as the church anticipates continued growth.

The Worship Leader should possess:

  • Strong and growing relationship with Christ and qualities of life and practice that demonstrate spiritual maturity
  • Humble spirit
  • Strong leadership skills both on and off the platform
  • Effective relational skills
  • Ability to lead passionate and engaging worship
  • Ability to shepherd the team and congregation
  • Strong musical skills with the ability to lead and develop volunteers in each area
  • Creativity and relevance, in touch with current worship trends
  • Task orientation, with strong organizational skills
  • Desire to be a team player

The Worship Leader will be responsible for using specific gifts, passions, and leadership abilities in order to:

  • Provide spiritual guidance and service to other staff, team members, and members of the congregation
  • Function as one of the leaders of Bridgepoint’s worship volunteers, ensuring engaging worship, musical excellence, and relevant song selection
  • Help recruit, equip, and invest in worship volunteers, implementing simple, clear and regular training that ensures a healthy team
  • Serve within the worship and creative arts budget
  • Lead worship for weekly services and develop others to do the same
  • Help oversee the execution of weekly services and special services throughout the year
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Reports to:

  • Senior Pastor, Jeff Love

Provides Direct Oversight to:

  • Worship volunteers

Relates Closely With:

  • Creative Arts Pastor, Jeff Poole
  • Pastoral leadership team
  • Worship and creative arts ministry volunteers
  • Other Bridgepoint staff

Compensation Package:

Total compensation is negotiable, based on experience and education. The Worship Leader position is a full-time (40hr/wk) position with salary and benefits.