Calvary Assembly - Worship Pastor

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Calvary Assembly - Worship Pastor

Job description



The Worship Pastor role is to help our church grow in their understanding and expression of worship. We want to continue to build a culture where people connect on a deep level with the Savior of the World.

Worship Pastor Job Profile

Capabilities, Characteristics, & Key Qualities:

  • Deep devotion to God and love for His Word
  • Private worship drives public worship
  • Gifted (collaborative) leadership skills (on and off the platform) - Proven leader/ministry leader. Genuine love for people and concern for the spiritual well being and discipling of the team.
  • Effective architect of corporate gathering experiences that engage and connect people in meaningful worship
  • Value for perspectives and feedback of others
  • Embraces healthy evaluation
  • Skilled at biblical conflict resolution
  • Articulate (able to communicate well on the platform)
  • Able to create an atmosphere of worship using words and prayer that engages and draws people into a place of personal worship
  • Humble attitude
  • Innovative and creative
  • Quick (and life-long) learner
  • High musical competency
  • High degree of emotional intelligence
  • Able to be highly engaging as a worship leader
  • Able to attract others to the worship ministry and cast vision
  • Able to develop a team-oriented culture through training, mentoring and teaching
  • Willing to engage with others in accountable relationship
  • Theologically and doctrinally aligned with Calvary

  • Primary Responsibilities:

  • To help fulfill the overall mission, vision & purpose of Calvary Assembly
  • To honor God by leading Calvary Assembly to higher levels of engagement and excellence in music and worship
  • The Worship Leader will shepherd and develop the artists by providing musical worship leadership at the worship service by:
  • Creating an inviting, worshipful atmosphere - a safe place for people to meet with God
  • Lead the congregation and members of the worship ministry in growing their own relationship with God through worship
  • Mentoring a team of other worship leaders who will also rotate in giving leadership
  • Provide overall leadership to the Worship Ministry
  • A talented vocalist who leads the team from the guitar or keyboard
  • Comfortable leading in front of large and small groups
  • Has a servant-heart and desire to help serve the various ministries of the church
  • A proven leader who is capable of organizing, equipping, and inspiring band members and vocalists to reach higher levels of excellence, spiritual sensitivity, and hospitality
  • Able to arrange & chart music well & give clear instructions to team members for their various parts
  • Implemented use of click tracks & backing loops
  • Able to work well w/ people from a wide variety of experience, temperaments, & backgrounds
  • Familiar with current pop culture and trends, as well as a vision for where worship music is heading for purposes of staying on the front end of worship culture (i.e. relevant)
  • Utilize current worship songs, as well as musically refreshed hymns or “classics”
  • Sings singable songs. Our goal is engagement
  • Able to build teams of responsible and prepared people through personal recruitment
  • Confident in public & platform settings, as well as in private conversations and healthy confrontations
  • Comfortable following promptings from the Spirit & taking our church with them where He is leading
  • Ability to stay within time constraints of worship gathering as designated by executive/lead pastor

  • Other Responsibilities

  • Experience saying no in a clear and gracious way to volunteers who do not meet the standards of the ministry
  • Cooperate with the staff to enrich the worship ministry of church and promote cooperative relationships among its many people in ministry. We are a team.
  • Create a joyous and spiritually edifying environment both at rehearsals and at services
  • Able to think creatively and introduce creative elements into our gatherings
  • Thinks ahead, takes care of details, is flexible, positive, and is a great leader of people
  • Joyfully submits to the authority above him or her
  • A self-starter willing to accept responsibility for the success of the ministry
  • Shares pastoral concerns with other ministry leaders to which it applies for additional support
  • Lead and train others to lead and facilitate worship for our gatherings. Sunday is the priority
  • Lead the sound and slide ministry by recruiting and facilitating training the team.
  • Communicate and work within the vision of the lead pastor & executive pastor, work alongside the communications and tech director, and support other staff’s worship goals
  • Continue our growth culture, where the team continues to get better and bigger

  • Reports to: Executive Pastor

    Compensation Package:

  • Total compensation negotiable based on experience and education
  • Entire package may be proportioned to accommodate the needs of person (salary, retirement, or health insurance)

  • Requirements



    Calvary is seeking out a strong, visionary leader who has the ability to develop leaders, cast vision and develop strategies that will promote growth within the Worship Department. The creative team is excited to head into the next chapter and eager to begin partnering with a new leader.

    This leader needs to have a passion for Jesus and seeing others find their purpose in Him. The team is eager to follow a leader who is relational and empowering and able to move them into this new season.


    It's important for this Worship Pastor to be a strong Worship Leader. Of course, this has a lot to do with musical excellence and proficiency. But also important is the ability to pastor and help people engage. This goes beyond the musical into the skill of uniting a room in corporate worship.

    Calvary loves to worship God together. The desire is for worship to make sense to someone who is unacquainted with faith at all, so they try to avoid religious language without explanation. Spiritual sensitivity is a core value. Calvary wants to lean into what the Holy Spirit has. If you don’t feel like you have a deep understanding of spiritual sensitivity, they love helping develop this in the staff and congregation. A sure fire way to frustrate a leader is to waste their time. Because of this vantage point, the church respects people’s time in the gatherings, which means time is led with intentionality. Calvary looks to the worship leader for leadership.


    Discipleship is a key role of this new leader. It's not enough to be a great worship leader or to prepare music. Within the Worship Department, this role will be about developing leaders and fulfilling the vision of connecting people to God.

    The team at Calvary is currently made up of 30+ volunteers who serve on the worship team. The musicians are passionate, skilled, and have heart to see people connect with God.

    Loving people, pastoring people, leading people to operate in their gifting is essential. Doing ministry isn't enough. Empowering others to find their God-given potential is what it's all about. That's why this role is Pastoral - tight execution and productivity is valued, but Calvary needs a spiritual leader that embodies the vision and pastors their team.


    This leader must be organized and have the ability to lead themselves and their department. It won't be micro-managed. They will be trusted to make equipment recommendations & proposals, manage the weekend experience, and lead their team with excellence.

    Calvary is a Biblically saturated, hard-working culture. It will be imperative for this person to be a self starter who gets things done. Creativity, leadership, and worship are the priorities.