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Cedar Grove Community Church - Student Pastor

Job description


Cedar Grove Community Church is a non-denominational church, established in 1946, located in Livermore, California. CGCC has a heart for making disciples of Jesus while being fully engaged with their local community.

In 1946 a small group of Christians answered God’s call to plant a church in what was then a small rural community of just 3,900 people. From the very beginning the focus of Cedar Grove has been to make disciples of Jesus as they help people encounter God, grow together, and make a difference. The Church is now doing so in a city of roughly 90,000 people!

The church has gathered at their current location since 1968. Nestled in a neighborhood behind a large lawn and majestic trees they deeply desire to bless the community. CGCC continues to serve alongside other local ministries as they strive to reflect Christ and share the hope they have in Jesus.

Originally planted as First Baptist Church, in 1981 the church removed affiliation with American Baptist Convention becoming a non-denominational body in 1995 and changed the name to Cedar Grove Community Church.

In 2019, the church experienced a healthy transition of leadership as the long standing lead pastor retired and a new pastor stepped in to begin a revitalization process to take CGCC to their next phase of ministry and community impact.


Joel Dombrow is a fun-loving guy whose mantra is, “We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”He values working in a team environment where he views himself as the coach (probably due to his years playing sports—primarily basketball and football, then rowing crew at the University of Washington). He believes in staying on mission and doing things with excellence. His strength is preaching the truths of God’s Word in a relevant, authentic, and often humorous way.

Joel has worked in church leadership for the past 26 years. The first 13 years were as a student ministry pastor for four different churches with congregations ranging in size from 300 to 3,000. In 2007, he became the lead pastor of a 50 year old church in the Pacific Northwest, seeing it grow from 400 to over 2,000 (on a given Sunday), then adopting and growing two other churches for a total of three campuses and 3,000 people

In 2019, God led Joel to Cedar Grove Community Church with visions of revitalizing the 75 year old church to be a light in the Bay Area and beyond.

Joel has obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Multnomah University. He is married and has two adult children, and loves going to the movies and playing golf.

The Student Pastor will report to the lead pastor. Joel has a relational leadership style and values team. The staff is given much freedom and flexibility, as long as they are faithful, productive and pursuing excellence in all they do.

The church is staff led and elder protected. They currently have three full-time staff and seven part-time staff who make the day to day decisions to run the church and its ministries. The elders provide support and oversight to the lead pastor and in regard to weightier matters of the church.


Cedar Grove Student Ministries seek to create engaging environments for those in middle and high school. They seek to grow broad in relationships (outward faced, reaching unchurched and de-churched friends) while growing deep in their faith (maturity, discipleship). They do this through both large and small group environments. The Student Pastor gives oversight to all of the ministries from 6th through 12th grade; however, the church seeks to raise up leaders through internships/apprenticeships and would love to see others developed so they anticipate the new Student Pastor will likely directly lead in high school while those he develops lead in middle school.

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Creating Culture

A primary aim for the Student Ministry is to create an atmosphere where students can know God, grow with others and make a difference in the lives of others. This happens through great teaching, relationships and challenging students to live out God's truth in the lives of others. Student Ministry leaders seek to remain present in the lives of students outside of the program by engaging in life-on-life relationships that lead to depth, mentoring and more.

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Using Resources

Cedar Grove Community Church is equipped with great spaces and resources to create environments for all to have a blast. With dedicated (and ready to re-imagine and remodel) Student Ministry space and area attractions, programming can be diversified to open up pathways to continue to reach unchurched students and mature those who have relationship with Jesus.




The current youth ministry can best be described as stable. There are no alarms sounding, yet there is not much that can be named as exciting as well. The foundation is firm (solid history), but creativity and innovation is certainly needed. The group has more of an introverted vibe, but there are some who would love to see new faces, and a more vibrant atmophere.

The new Student Pastor will have the opportunity to build upon this foundation and a group of students longing to establish community while also reaching out to people who don't yet know Jesus.


CGCC has a good base of lay leaders serving in the Student Ministry. However, those leaders are in need of expansion, training and accountability for their shepherding role in the lives of students. The new Student Pastor should take the time to build community and trust while serving the team with practical training for discipling the students in one-on-one, small group and larger group settings.


The current Student Ministry culture could be described as mostly churched youth. Cedar Grove Community Church places a high-priority on reaching those who don't yet know Jesus. The desire is to have a Student Pastor who understands the balance in ministry between maturing the believer and reaching unchurched youth. The new leader should not only be a person who desires to reach the local campuses, but has the ability to empower other leaders to do the same.


Purpose of Position:

The Student Pastor at Cedar Grove Community Church will be responsible for leading and shepherding students and volunteers, building and developing volunteer teams, directing, organizing, and leading the Student Ministry of Cedar Grove.

Responsibilities of Position:

  • Drive High School programming and oversee Middle School programming that engages students and encourages them toward maturity
  • Create a ministry model that appeals to a variety of students and helps them encounter God, grow together, and make a difference
  • Develop pathways to reach unchurched students and connect them into the life of CGCC
  • Establish and communicate a dream for the student ministry
  • Recruit, train, and inspire volunteers to become leaders who play vital roles within the ministry
  • Foster connections within the two local high schools
  • Develop appropriate partnerships with other local ministries (ex: Young Life and FCA) as is healthy and mutually beneficial
  • Be a consistent part of the church’s preaching rotation
  • Collaborate with CGCC’s staff and leadership and provide support as needed

  • What you bring:

    Education and Experience

    The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, preferably with some formal Bible and theology background. The ideal candidate will also have experience in building and leading a ministry, as well as a preaching gift and style that fits CGCC.

    Personal Characteristics

  • A personal story of trusting in God’s saving work and sanctifying presence
  • Doctrinal alignment in the essential elements of our faith and a willingness to yield to church eldership in secondary doctrinal matters
  • Humble, positive, and courageous character
  • Christ-follower who experiences God’s transformative power and models a grace-fueled life
  • an aspirational dreamer who senses and shares the Holy Spirit’s leading
  • an experienced builder of people and ministries
  • an attractional leader to whom others gravitate and want to follow
  • an effective communicator (verbal & written) and teacher of God’s Word
  • a team-builder who inspires, equips, and galvanizes leaders, awakening their potential
  • someone who demonstrates self-awareness and a high emotional intelligence with good soft skills such as an ability to “read the room” and pick up nuances
  • a relentless and resourceful co-laborer who refuses to settle for mediocrity because God’s mission is just that important
  • someone who manages their own life (and family) well — relationally, emotionally, physically, financially
  • someone who is confident in the Lord but humble about themselves
  • someone with a good sense of humor; a fun partner in the gospel

  • Full-time Staff Position: Student Pastor. Flexible (FT) 5 days per week with two days off, 40+ hours/week.