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Christ's Church of Flagstaff- NextGen Pastor

Job description


Christ's Church of Flagstaff is making a difference in the lives of those in and around Flagstaff. Emphasizing community outreach, encouraging families, loving students at Northern Arizona University and seeking to reach all with the Gospel, CCoF is impacting many.

Pre-COVID-19, CCoF was averaging about 1100 in weekend attendance. This modern-worship style church has grown consistently since its humble beginning in 1984. In November of 1984, Jim & Phyllis Dorman moved to Flagstaff from Phoenix to start the church with one other family. From living rooms to retail store space the church moved as it grew, eventually owning their first building in 1991.

In 2002 CCOF moved into their current building. They were blessed to have the opportunity to purchase the adjoining property which has been converted into office and additional gathering spaces.

About a decade ago, Chris Reed joined the CCoF staff as Executive Pastor and moved to Senior Pastor in 2016.

Today CCoF offers three identical modern in-person services at 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am and becasue of COVID have dramatically increased their online participation and impact.


Lead Pastor, Chris Reed, is passionate about changing the world for Christ and loves to help people follow Jesus. He has served at CCoF since 2010, first as the Executive Pastor and then in 2016 became the Lead Pastor. In addition, he has experience in small groups and succession planning.

Chris has a strength for leading as a visionary. Chris wants to hire staff that he trusts to implement vision once the direction is determined. Chris is fun to work for and work with. He is a joker. He is very casual and relaxed while maintaining an expectation of excellence in the work that gets done.

Chris desires direct reports that are comfortable with direct feedback including constructive criticism. Goal setting and tracking is important to Chris.

Chris and his wife Kristi live in Flagstaff with their 3 children.



The Next Gen/Family Ministry includes all ministries from Kids through College-age young adults of Christ's Church of Flagstaff. It focuses on creating large & small group settings for all ages. The Next Gen ministries engage a diverse group of students through worship, games, teaching, and relationships. The Next Gen Pastor gives oversight to the Pastors and Directors across CCoF who lead the individual areas under this NextGen Ministry umbrella.


One goal of all NextGen ministries is to create a place where families are loved and cared for by volunteers who express Jesus' love to them, as well as a place where parents feel safe and secure about dropping off their children for Sunday morning (Kids and Middle School group).

The High School group meets on Monday evenings and seeks to be the most-welcoming place a high school student can land. Leaders and students alike seek to be real with one another and provide a welcoming environment for any student who comes through the doors.

The Corner is the name of the College-age ministry which meets on Sunday evenings directly across the street from Northern Arizona University. Their welcoming environment has been praised by visitors and has helped students move from being a visitor to calling The Corner home.


CCoF NextGen ministries utilize the large-group experiences to help break down relational barriers, engage children and students with the Gospel, equip young believers to grow in their faith, and invite all into a worship experience with the Lord.


There is a flurry of activity and engagement on a typical Sunday morning for children, but it isn't just about the flurry, it's about the quiet moments with loving leaders pouring into the children in smaller settings that stand out to the families at CCoF. Likewise, middle school and high school students love being together in larger group settings where they can connect with and get to know each other-- but the times growing deep with each other in one-on-one settings, small group breakouts, service projects, and mission trips that students pointed out as some of their favorite aspects of the ministry.



CCoF is seeking a strong and visionary leader who has the ability to develop leaders, cast vision, and develop strategies that will promote growth within the NextGen ministry and see individual transformation as a result. The overall NextGen Ministries at CCoF has changed in the last few years with a few long-term staff members moving to take on new roles and subsequent changes in positions within the church and outside CCoF. These changes provide a tremendous opportunity to bring a veteran presence to the NextGen ministries team but also work with the newer hire (Celeste) who has come on the team as you set the direction moving forward.


In an age of rapid change, Christ's Church of Flagstaff is looking for a leader over the NextGen Ministries who truly understands the culture and the uniqueness of each stage of development. This leader should have the ability to come alongside specific leadership to help vision, equip, inspire and execute ministry for each age and stage of programming and relationships. This leader will serve as a "cultural interpreter" so that parents, leadership and CCoF staff can collaboratively serve together to reach each of the ministry areas in the NextGen ministries arena.


It is likely the new NextGen Pastor will want (and need) to provide direct oversite to The Corner (college age) while also coming alongside Celeste (Student Pastor) as she gives direction to both middle and high school. A special emphasis should likely be placed on the middle school ministry as it feels they have been neglected and that their programming has taken second place.

The Children's Ministry is very solid and has a fantastic reputation, therefore, the recommendation is to work with Lorrie Yoakum (Children's Pastor) to create a better hand-off of 5th graders as they arrive into 6th grade and the middle school ministry. This could lead to a high return on the investment as a new foundation begins in middle school ministry.

The Monday through Friday Preschool comes fully staffed with an excellent Director who will also directly report to the NextGen Pastor. It, like the Children's Ministry on Sunday, is thriving at this time.


Being surrounded by affluence may lead to a culture where people are more likely to give $90 from their wallets than give 90 minutes of their time. CCoF people are very generous with their money, but new strategies need to be implemented to maintain a volunteer leadership base that can help scale the growing needs across the NextGen ministries platforms. The new leader will partner with Pastors at all levels to better recruit and train a base of volunteers committed to transformed lives.

Currently, the largest need is in both middle school and college-age leadership. Both the Children's Ministry and High School ministry have an adequate number of volunteers (though more are still needed). The Middle School and The Corner are both in immediate need of recruitment and training.


Relationships are the heartbeat and strength of Christ's Church, leadership is committed to making disciples by reaching unchurched people through relationships and solid programming. The new leader should share ideas and collaborate with leadership for strategies that can be implemented to enhance the outreach efforts of CCoF so that Flagstaff, the surrounding communities and the world can hear the good news of Jesus!


Reports to: Lead Pastor

Position Type: Full-Time Exempt


Christ’s Church of Flagstaff is a community of people who Help One Another Follow Jesus. We have found that there are 3 actions the Followers of Jesus have in common: Powerful Worship, Involvement in Life Changing Relationships, and Selfless-Living. We desire and work towards helping the children, students, and parents of CCoF implement these 3 actions in their lives more and more.

Our Next Gen Pastor will be responsible to lead the staff for Children’s, Middle School, High School and our College Ministries and our Monday-Friday Preschool.

Our Next Gen Pastor will need to have hand-on involvement in MS, HS, and College ministries with a goal of doubling impact in the next 5 years.

Spiritual Gifts

The Next Gen Pastor should have the following spiritual gifts

  • Shepherding- A deep love and desire to care for people, specifically students and young adults and a desire to spend time with them.
  • Teaching- The ability to take the timeless truth of scripture and communicate it in a way that is practical and relevant to students and young adults.
  • Administration- the ability to create the systems and organizational structures that support ministry beyond what any one person can do.
  • Essential Job Functions and Participation

  • Leading Staff
  • This role will be responsible to lead all paid staff in the Next Gen department. Prior staff leadership experience is a requirement.
  • Current staff & involvement level includes:
  • Preschool Director for Monday-Friday Preschool (ALP): this piece will be largely staff oversight with an emphasis to work with the ALP Director to increase the number of families that come to CCoF because of their association with ALP.
  • Children’s Ministry Pastor: this piece will be largely staff oversight and collaboration with the current Children’s Pastor.
  • MS/HS: The Next Gen Pastor will oversee the Student Ministries Associate Pastor and have primary responsibility for this ministry area.
  • College (The Corner): There is currently no paid staff within The Corner and primary responsibility for this are will fall to The Next Gen Pastor.
  • Leading Volunteers
  • This role will be responsible to develop & lead volunteer teams. Prior track record of recruiting and empowering volunteer teams is a requirement.
  • This person will be responsible to develop a program that shepherds students through volunteers effectively.
  • Middle School:
  • This person would have oversight of student engagement at the middle school level.
  • This person will work with current staff to develop and deliver weekend programming and develop volunteer leadership.
  • High School & College (The Corner):
  • This role will be the primary speaker for our high school and college large group gatherings. As such this person must be able to write and deliver a biblically based sermon related to the agreed upon topic weekly.
  • This person will have primary responsibility for student engagement at the high school & college level.
  • This person will have primary responsibility to develop a volunteer team to execute the large group services including student connection, small group breakouts, food preparation, serving, etc.
  • This person will be responsible to work to maintain and develop high school and college small groups that meet throughout the week and are volunteer lead.
  • This person will be responsible to develop a volunteer leader team that connects with and shepherds students.
  • Leadership Team
  • This person will be one of 4 people that report directly to the Senior Pastor. As such this person will be responsible to lead the Next Gen team to double impact in 5 years.
  • Specific Skills

  • Evangelistic- This person must show a history of relationships with non-Christians.
  • Relational- A relational personality is vital to this role. It is essential that this person be able to relate to and build relationships with students, parents, volunteers, and staff.
  • Recruitment- Recruiting, building, and maintaining a volunteer team is essential to the function of this position. This person must be able to lead through a team of volunteers as the ministry is too large to be leader centric. The position requires that you be able to recruit, train and develop leaders for every aspect of the ministry.
  • Organized- This role will have the responsibility to create and execute special events as it enhances the ministry such as but not limited to summer camp, move up events, etc.
  • Independent Collaboration- This person will be comfortable working as a part of a team in collaboration to build and reach goals. However, this person also needs to be able to work independently to make decisions on daily questions and items once direction has been set by leadership and the team.
  • Leader- Comfortable leading and delegating and not prone to “task”.
  • Staff Oversight- Capable of leading multiple staff in all aspects including encouragement, growth, redirection, conflict management, goal setting and follow-up.
  • Agile- Being able to manage multiple projects, relationships, and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Qualifications and Core Values

  • Be in support and submission to the vision and leadership of the Elders and Senior Pastor of CCoF.
  • Be supportive of your leadership and teammates and not cause division or be divisive.
  • Self-Leadership- committed to a life that is healthy and sustainable, understanding that the greatest leadership challenge will be to lead oneself.
  • A passion for reaching the unreached.
  • Personal integrity in all areas of life.
  • Must be – or willing to become – a participating member of CCoF along with the adherence to its doctrinal guidelines.
  • Regularly attends worship services with their family.
  • Is an active participant in a Life Group and is a regular tither.
  • Pass and clear background check, credit check, references, and interview screening according to our SAFE Church policy.
  • General Information

    The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and skills required of employees. CCoF Leadership reserves the right to revise the position, its job functions, minimum qualifications, and other aspects of the position in any way at any time.