Constance Free Church - Student Pastor

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Constance Free Church - Student Pastor

Job description

Constance Free Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America. The church of about 1200 in weekly attendance is located approximately twenty minutes north of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul in the growing suburb of Andover.

Constance Free is well-respected in the surrounding communities and has a great reputation in both the churched and unchurched populations. The northern suburbs continue to grow, and this presents a wonderful opportunity for the gospel to be spread through Constance Free Church!

Constance Free Church has historical roots dating back over 125 years. They have a rich heritage of Bible teaching, strong family ministry, and a heartfelt desire to impact the community. The church has consistently grown (in population and building footprint) and owns several acres adjacent to the property that will eventually be developed as the church grows.

The community continues to be drawn by Constance’s commitment to practical Bible-based teaching (led by Sr. Pastor Randy Discher) and thriving ministries to families (students and kids ministry). The church has garnered a great reputation and favor with various social service agencies, schools, and other government agencies which gives Constance a unique presence in the community. The rich heritage of the church includes a highly-trusted and thriving staff, many with long years of history serving at Constance.


Senior Pastor Randy Discher loves God's Word, loves God's people and is passionate and protective of God's Church. He is an extrovert and a loyal leader who loves seeing team success. He protects the staff and desires to see them thrive in healthy ministry.

Randy's ministry leadership style can be described as being "macro." He provides oversight, but empowers the staff to dream, innovate and lead their respective ministries. Randy has led the church through some exciting seasons of growth, and envisions serving another five years as the Senior Pastor at Constance before transitioning into retirement.

The Church has a board of Elders. The elders serve the church through counsel, strategic planning, and support of the vision, mission, and ministries of Constance Free.

The new Student Pastor will report to Sean McDowell, the Sr. Associate at Constance. Sean is a strategic-minded, purpose, vision, and values-driven leader who enjoys working in a team context to help create environments where people can establish a relationship with Jesus, mature in their relationship with Jesus and his church, and reach out to the community.



Constance Free Student Ministries seek to create engaging environments for those in middle school and high school. They seek to grow deep in their faith while growing broad in relationships. They do this through both large and small group engagement on Wednesday evenings. The Student Pastor gives oversight to all of the ministries from 6th through 12th grade.

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A primary aim for the student ministry is to create an environment where all students are met, cared for and loved by leaders who show Jesus' love to them. Constance Free leaders seeks to remain present in the lives of students outside of the program by engaging in disciple-making and life-on-life relationships.

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Constance Free Church is equipped with great resources to create environments for all to have a blast. With ample space, large grass areas, large parking lots and use of most of the building on youth nights, the ministry has no shortage of opportunity for games, activities and outreach.

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In everything that Constance does, Jesus is at the center. The Student Ministry settings are all geared toward making the story of God known in relevant and applicable ways. The teaching and modeling of God's Word is a key way leadership seeks to make Jesus known.



After a great season of stability and growth, with a Family Ministries Director (who led directly with middle school) and a High School Pastor serving together, COVID and God's leading in the lives of these individuals has provided an opportunity for a new foundation in ministry to be built. Change can bring about a feeling of insecurity and/or establish a new foundation.

The new leader comes into a healthy context poised for growth. The Children's Ministry is growing and the new leader should anticipate a solid incoming class of 6th grade students for years to come.

Though stable before COVID, the downtime, lack of relationship and a general "break from the norm," have led to a growing sense that change will be good for both the middle and high school ministries.


Constance has a tremendous base of lay leaders serving in the Student Ministry. However those leaders express a desire for greater training and accountability for their expanding shepherding role in the lives of students. The new Pastor should take the time to build community and trust while serving the team with practical training for discipling the students in one-on-one, small group and larger group settings.


The Middle School and High School Ministry both meet on Wednesday night. They currently stagger the start and end times slighly so that middle schoolers and high schoolers both have access to the same spaces but at different times. The new leader, after assessing the ministry, could re-envision the methodology of ministry so that both ministries feel like the programs have been built specifically for each age group. Outside of Wednesday there is tremendous opportunity to create unique events for both age groups through outreach, service and growth level ministries.


The current Student Ministry culture could be described as mostly churched youth. Constance places a high-priority on reaching those who don't yet know Jesus. The desire is to have a Student Pastor who understands the balance in ministry between maturing the believer and reaching unchurched youth. The new leader should not only be a person who desires to reach the local campuses, but has the ability to empower other leaders to do the same.


In addition to the above (outreach) it was also expressed that there is a group of maturing believers who want to be challenged even more. Leadership tracks can be envisioned and implemented so that the more active, spiritually maturing students have opportunity to serve more, share more and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.



To help people connect with Jesus by providing oversight leadership to all student ministries and direct leadership to High School Ministries (9th-12thGrade).



  • Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Has a maturing relationship with Christ and His church, and is reaching out to those who do not yet know Him
  • Unreserved commitment to the purpose, vision, and core values of Constance Free Church
  • Ability to abide by the policies, procedures, and practices of Constance Free Church
  • Represent in good conscience the position of the Constance Free Church Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Paper
  • Can subscribe without mental reservation to the EFCA Statement of Faith
  • Effective communication skills: written, verbal and interpersonal
  • Derives satisfaction from serving as a team player in a collaborative environment
  • Position Specific

  • Ability to have a cooperative, healthy and motivating relationship with ministry staff, students, parents and adult volunteers
  • Demonstrates strength in leadership, teaching and administration
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out vision, manage staff and oversee large ministry environments
  • Demonstrated ability to recruit, mobilize and form ministry teams of qualified volunteers
  • Demonstrated history of using appropriate judgment with discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree, seminary training preferred
  • Large church ministry experience
  • Willingness to become credentialed in the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Passion to see spiritual transformation take place in the lives of students
  • Committed to growing the student ministry through outreach
  • Embrace and adapt to growth, change, innovation and creativity
  • Values long-term ministry
  • Meets Biblical standards for church overseers found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:6-9
  • Student Ministries Vision & Oversight (15%)

  • Meet with Student Ministries team individually to support a Ministry Management Plan (MMP) process, encourage ministry progress and work on issues.
  • Lead the Student Ministries Team in collaborative projects, alignment of ministries and vision casting.
  • Participate in Management Team Meetings
  • Hire, on-ramp and mentor student ministries staff as necessary
  • Oversee the Prayer Partner ministries initiative
  • Cooperative with the Family Ministries team on various intergenerational projects
  • Pastoral Leadership of High School Ministries

  • Administration (10%)
  • Participate in the Ministry Management Plan of Constance to set vision for the ministry as well as personal and professional development
  • Assess the ongoing status of High School Ministries as well as personal and professional development
  • Establish and implement annual Key Result Areas in ministry
  • Participate in all-staff, community staff and pastoral staff meetings
  • Plan and control a High School Ministries budget (VP3)
  • Evaluate, plan and implement ongoing improvements in systems to enhance overall ministry effectiveness
  • Delegate and execute administrative functions of the ministry including website updates, Planning Center Online and other tools to maintain ministry functioning
  • Programming (25%)
  • Translate ministry vision and goals into programming schedule for the year with High School Ministries staff and leaders (VP2)
  • Create teams to plan and run events and programs
  • Oversee the planning, organization, execution and evaluation of each event, program and trip
  • Staff Oversight (5%)
  • Provide appropriate work direction for paid support staff
  • Provide training and coaching to support staff
  • Provide staff with vision, roles, responsibilities, reviews, resource, procedures and policies related to HSM, Student Ministries and ministries to families
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Training (10%)
  • Recruit all necessary volunteers to carry out ministry goals and plans in a team-based environment
  • Initiate and implement volunteer retention strategies and team development
  • Recruit a prayer team and provide monthly updates
  • Ensure adequate coaching and training for ministry volunteers; provide vision, roles, responsibilities, and resources
  • Teaching and Ministry Resourcing (15%)
  • Develop a teaching ministry for high school students in collaboration with the overall church vision
  • Have an ongoing teaching presence within the High School Ministries
  • Oversee the selection of teaching, curriculum, activity, media, worship, prayer and other ministry resources
  • Relationship Building and Shepherding (10%)
  • Ensure adequate and meaningful contacts with high school students, parents and volunteers are being maintained in a team-based manner
  • Facilitate crisis intervention and counseling referral for high school students and families
  • Ministry to Families (10%)
  • Communicate with parents of high school students about upcoming programming and curriculum
  • Provide resources for parents to encourage faith development in their child through various means
  • Lead milestone experiences related to this age group; family events celebrating faith growth in their child’s life
  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with the congregation at large through service, worship and church life
  • Work toward creating a culture of 5-to-1 relationships; each teen surrounded by 5 adults that can model faith
  • Oversee a transition plan for incoming freshmen into HSM and graduating seniors into the larger church

    The Pastor of Student Ministries reports directly to the Sr. Associate Pastor, oversees the Pastor/Director of Middle School Ministries, the Student Ministries Worship Coordinator, and the High School Administrative Assistant, collaborates with the Children’s Ministry Director and will work regularly with other ministry staff, lay leaders, students and parents.