Engedi Church - Middle School Pastor

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Engedi Church - Middle School Pastor

Job description

Engedi in Holland, MI. is searching for a passionate, fun, leader of leaders who can grow and inspire their middle school students and leaders.


Engedi Church is a young, passionate, diverse and missional community of around 2200 people who are committed to loving and serving God, their neighbors and the world. They preach the gospel, and they do their best to live it out. Since their inception in 2005, Engedi’s mission has been to advance the Kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide. They have identified five core values they believe mark the advance of Jesus’ Kingdom in our midst. These values serve as guidelines for a way of life that best helps them live in and share the kingdom of God (see ​engedichurch.com​).

They believe God’s original dream for creation was to create a community of people who experience complete wholeness of mind, body, emotions and soul in Him, and deep, meaningful and diverse relationships with each other. Jesus began His ministry by announcing He had come to bring good news to the poor, to release the oppressed and to free the imprisoned. He called the experience of these realities living in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is an ever-expanding reality of those who are experiencing the restoration of what was lost at the Fall – harmony with God, within ourselves and within our relationships – all through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. While full restoration will not occur until His return, Jesus invites us to both experience and extend restoration in the now. This is why Engedi exists.


In 2005 Brian and Christina Aulick started Engdi church with a hope to help people of all backgrounds come alive to God’s love and what He wants to do around the world. Engedi was launched from a large Wesleyan church where Brian was on staff as a Young Adults Pastor. Engedi started as small groups meeting in homes that then moved into large group gatherings in a local school. After only a few short years Engedi needed a permanent location. In its earlier days Engedi was part of the Wesleyan denomination until in 2012 they transitioned to a non-denominational church.

As a church plant, the first 3 years the church met in a local high school cafeteria with an average attendance of 150-200. In 2008 Engedi moved into a permanent location and experienced steady, constant growth each year after year.. With that growth came the growing pains of outgrowing their location, in 2013 the Lord opened up the doors for them to move into their current location.

To learn more about Engedi church please visit them:





To read more about the statement of faith and beliefs please visit - http://www.engedichurch.com/beliefs/




At Engedi, church is an encouraging experience where you have the opportunity to encounter God in a diverse community that accepts you for who you are.


God created us—all of us—as a community of people who experience complete wholeness in Him as well as deep, meaningful relationships with each other. But God’s dream was shattered by our attempt to live life without Him, alienating us from God, from ourselves and from everyone else.

Jesus is the solution. He began His ministry by announcing that He had come to bring good news to the poor, to release the oppressed, and to set the prisoner free. These are what it looks like to live in God’s kingdom, which we experience through the restoration of what was lost when we first turned away from God.

We believe that full harmony—with God, within ourselves and in our relationships—will not completely happen until the promised return of Jesus. But we are invited to experience restoration and to extend it to others, right here and right now. We’re invited to advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide.



  • Almighty Creator, Sustainer of all, both seen and unseen, the heavens and earth
  • One God in three Persons, each fully God, in perfect community with one another
  • Eternal, unchanging, all-knowing and good; perfect in justice, beauty and love
  • At work saving, restoring and guiding creation and the Church toward God’s kingdom


  • Immortal, invisible, sovereign, holy, loving and wise
  • Who spoke all out of nothing and breathed life into man
  • Who loves each of us with an unconditional and eternal love
  • Protector of the unprotected and adoptive Father of all who trust in His Son


  • Son of God, Word become flesh, born of a virgin and without sin
  • Messiah, Lord, Savior and the fulfillment of Israel’s story and Scripture
  • He suffered, died, was buried and rose triumphant over sin, death and Satan
  • Ascended into heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father
  • He will return to judge and establish God’s kingdom
  • His life, mission and teachings are the ultimate pattern for life


  • Spirit of Truth, sent by the Father and Son, moving throughout the world to convict and renew
  • Counselor, Teacher, Giver of gifts, Comforter, Helper, the one source of true worship
  • Drawing us into God’s triune communion and transforming us into Christlikeness
  • Uniting the Church for the glory of Christ


  • One body and beloved bride of Christ, the hope of society and culture
  • A countercultural presence of God’s kingdom in this world
  • Worshiping together, proclaiming the Good News and bringing restoration to the world
  • A fellowship of mutual love, life-sharing and sacrifice
  • Called to make disciples of every nation and to teach them to love God and others


  • Divinely inspired revelation of God penned by human hands
  • Truth without error in its original form
  • Communicating God’s mission and heart from creation to consummation
  • Revealing that God is at work in this world in a people; Israel, the Church, the kingdom of God
  • Our lamp and guide in faith and life, each book pointing to Christ


  • Rebellious in nature and action, each person is subject to divine judgment
  • In Christ, God became fully human to redeem us fully
  • Through His sacrifice on the cross, Jesus took the just wrath of God in our place
  • We died with Him; He died instead of us and for our benefit
  • His death liberates us from sin and systemic evil and justifies us
  • God’s grace, through faith alone, brings healing; today in part and fully to come


  • The resurrection of Christ broke the bonds of death and ushers in new creation
  • Resurrection hope while in this world and beyond this life
  • The triumphant return of Christ and the resurrection of the body
  • Bringing judgment; eternal separation from God or eternal life on the new earth
  • The final establishment of the kingdom of God; of peace, justice, love and holiness
  • Where every tribe, tongue and nation join together to worship God and enjoy Him forever!


    We want to be a community that lives what we believe. These five practices serve as guidelines for a way of life that best helps us live in and share the kingdom of God. They also form a convenient acronym: CABLE.

    Care for the poor and vulnerable as we extend compassion.

    Acknowledge our journey with one another as we pursue authentic community.

    Bless our world with servant-love as we share good news about Jesus.

    Listen for God’s voice and learn from His Word as we follow Jesus with our whole lives.

    Eat with others who are culturally different as we seek multicultural friendships.



    At Engedi, student ministries are an important part of the life of the church body. With awesome teachings, fun games, and excellent leaders, Engedi prioritizes the growth of middle school and high school students and helps them grow stronger in their relationship with Jesus.

    FUSION NIGHT First Wednesday of the Month

    Fusion nights are a once a month gathering modeled after Church of the Highlands, “Motion” nights. Both middle school and high school join together to hang out with friends, enjoy free food, music, games, and teaching. These nights serve as the primary outreach efforts for Engedi students. The Middle School Pastor and High School Pastor along with the Students Assistant work collaboratively to design, promote, and run Fusion nights. This new leader will spend time leading up to these nights in the schools inviting students to join Fusion nights.

    The party starts at 7:30pm, but students show up at 7pm for the pre-party.

    CITY GROUPS - MIDDLE SCHOOL Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30pm

    For the remaining Wednesday nights middle school meets together for “City Groups,” their version of small groups. Students gather at 7pm in the student auditorium for a time of games, worship, a short teaching, followed by 45 mins of small groups. A few times throughout the year these groups will meet off-campus and spend the whole night together as a group watching a movie, ice skating, eating food, or hangin out on the beach. These nights are designed and led by each of the small group leaders.

    These City Groups will be a primary focus in this role. The volunteer base is strong and committed, but will need to grow. recruiting, developing and releasing leaders will be a vital skill set needed in this next season.

    Currently they are using a mixture of curriculum as well as original content on Wednesday nights.

    CITY GROUPS - HIGH SCHOOL Sundays, 7 – 8:30pm

    These groups follow the same format and structure as the Middle School with their own leadership team and following their own teaching schedule.


    Each year Engedi students enjoy special events such as camps, retreats, missions trips and local fun days. The students like to take advantage of the local beaches, hiking trails, and local entertainment and festivals.

    Check out Engedi Middle School on Instagram - HERE


    Title: Middle School Pastor

    Reports to: Kids Pastor

    Status: Full-time, exempt

    Purpose of the position:

    To provide direction and oversight of Engedi’s Middle School ministry, students in grades 6th-8th, including the leadership and pastoral care of its volunteer leaders, students and parents.

    Skills and Qualifications Required:

  • Deeply committed follower of Jesus
  • Affirms Engedi’s core beliefs, mission, and life practices by word and example
  • Effective administrative skills – including the ability to set goals, facilitate advance planning and effectively manage ministry and personal schedules
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Gifted teacher
  • Strong gift of leadership and proven experience developing leaders
  • Ability to recruit, develop and communicate with volunteers
  • Aligns with Engedi’s vision to connect with people of varying ethnic and economic backgrounds
  • Team player – humble, willing to defer to others, can lead under direction
  • Is a partner of Engedi or is willing to become one upon joining staff
  • Tithes
  • Is in a CABLE (small) group or is willing to become a part of one upon joining staff

  • Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit, train, and develop interns, LifeGroup Leaders, and LifeGroup Coaches
  • Equip and empower volunteer leaders to lead in various ways within the ministry
  • Oversee and develop LifeGroups, creating relational subgroups for students and leaders to connect on a deeper level
  • Develop relevant curriculum that engages the head, heart, and hands of students
  • Work with the High School Pastor to coach and develop the Students Assistant
  • Work with the Students Assistant to manage all forms of communication to students and parents including the church website, social media and email/newsletters
  • Empower and equip parents in their roles as the spiritual leaders of their families
  • Oversee and cultivate a culture of leadership development within the Engedi Middle School ministry
  • Create and oversee annual goals and budget for Engedi Middle School
  • Ensure the cultural relevance of the weekly programming and other events for students
  • Develop a network of relationships with local schools, other churches and various people and organizations within our community
  • Collaborate with the Kids Pastor and High School Pastor in engaging and equipping families, children and students
  • Seek out opportunities for collaboration with other Engedi ministries
  • Carry out all the above mentioned duties and responsibilities, as well as those not stated above, that would be necessary to ensure the success of the Engedi staff team and the flourishing of the Engedi family as it relates to the Middle School ministry

  • Other Responsibilities:

    ● Participate in twice a month staff meetings (1st and 3rd Mondays of the month)

    ● Participate in twice a month director meetings (2nd and 4th Mondays of the month)

    ● Attend staff and director retreats (total of four per year)

    Other Details:

    ● Full-time position (45 hours) with benefits including healthcare, vacation days, personal days, cell phone reimbursement, on-site day care at the Chicago Drive offices and matching 403b contributions

    ● Reports to the Engedi Kids Pastor

    Culture Index

    As part of the interview process each candidate who is to be considered for an interview with Engedi will be given The Culture Index Survey before being presented to Engedi. Slingshot will provide a link to this assessment if the candidate makes it to this step of the process.

    To learn more about the Culture Index assessment - CLICK HERE


    Full-time salary (TBD based upon experience), health insurance, 403b matching contribution, cell phone reimbursement, on-site daycare, vacation days, personal days, and flexible work schedule.