Family Church - Youth Minister

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Family Church - Youth Minister

Job description


Family Church is a dynamic community of believers that embraces its mission and vision to "Pursue God, Make Disciples, and Strengthen Families." They believe that a vibrant, Holy Spirit-led relationship with Jesus Christ develops as a person pursues God. As this happens, they aspire to lead people toward Biblical maturity and becoming fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. They also believe that average marriages can become extraordinary marriages, casual parenting can become intentional parenting, and lack of personal growth can become exponential growth. They understand that the Bible speaks clearly of how to be strengthened in these areas, and they want each person who attends Family Church to be all that God has called them to be!

Birthed as Claiborne Church of God in the 1970s, Family Church has continued to grow and reach families as they've transitioned into a new ministry season under the leadership of their new Lead Pastor, Dr. Terry Taylor. Dr. Taylor has served Family Church for 35 years in various roles, including Student Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Head of School, before taking on the Lead Pastor role almost two years ago. His depth of investment and relationship with this church's people have contributed to his immediate effectiveness in leadership.

Family Church is a place of solid Biblical teaching where relationships and young families are valued highly. They are devoted to providing resources that help parents raise godly children. In keeping with this, the church founded a Christian school in 1982 and, today, the school enrolls over 525 infants through high school students each year. Claiborne Christian has become the leading Christian school in the area and is voted as the top-rated preschool in the community each year. Claiborne Christian has become one of Family Church's hallmarks and extends its influence throughout Ouachita Parish.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Church saw an average of 650 people attend their services each weekend. Today, the church is healthy and growing, financially strong, and enjoys a renewed sense of unity and vision. They have beautiful facilities that span ample acreage and remain entirely free of debt. The average church member is 35 years old. All of these things position the church for years of fruitful ministry into the future.

Family Church is part of the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. For a more in-depth explanation of their doctrine, please view their statement of beliefs.


The youth ministry of Family Church is of high importance to the leadership and adults of this church. The current ministry model was formed as a pivot during the global pandemic. There is a monthly gathering known as "One Night" involving energetic worship, Bible-based preaching, and lots of exciting fun after the event. Additionally, on a weekly basis, students gather in home groups around the city. These home groups are led by a dynamic group of volunteer leaders--many of whom are parents or former parents of students in the youth ministry.

This high emphasis on building relationships has strengthened the discipleship of students within Family Church. Although the numbers haven't returned to pre-Covid attendance, there is still an average of 65 students for One Night and nearly the same for weekly Home Group attendance.



Full-Time Position: Youth Minister

Vision: To pursue God, make disciples, and strengthen families

Position Summary

The Youth Minister is to partner with parents and families to see students pursue God and become disciples of Jesus Christ. As such, the Youth Minister helps to guide students through complex relationships and understandings they need to learn to follow Jesus Christ. The Youth Minister works with parents in this process and provides tools to disciple their own children, while at the same time helping the students to develop a larger network of spiritual examples and disciplers.

Position Responsibilities

Four Main Objectives:

  • Partner with parents to see them become the spiritual hero to their children while their homes become the equipping center of their children’s spiritual journey.
  • Quality youth services, groups, and events designed to help achieve the vision of Family Church.
  • Develop a ministry team to build, strengthen, and serve every youth and family with youth in our youth ministry.
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships within the church staff, and serve according to the accepted staff standards of Family Church.

  • Description of Duties:

  • Maintain personal spiritual development through Bible reading, prayer, regular worship service attendance and Christian community.
  • Find resources and/or teaching ideas appropriate for the age levels within the ministry.
  • Create ministry services and opportunities that focus on teaching God’s Word and building relationships.
  • Encourage students to discover their gifts, serve within Family Church, and participate in worship services and service projects.
  • Recruit and retain a willing and enthusiastic staff of volunteers whose lives and families provide a godly example for the students to follow.
  • Develop and shepherd teams of volunteers within student ministry by providing ongoing training and support.
  • Ensure appropriate safety and security procedures are established and followed in the ministry; this includes criminal background checks for staff and volunteers, training on child abuse and protection, health issues, First Aid Care and other procedures to ensure the safety and security of students in the ministry’s care.
  • Equip and partner with parents by providing them with resources to become actively and intentionally involved in the spiritual formation and discipleship of their families.
  • Communicate regularly with parents about what students are learning.
  • Work with the Family Ministry team to develop a discipleship plan that flows from infancy to graduation, paying careful attention to the transitions from grade school to middle school, and from high school to college/young adult stage to ensure students stay connected through those transitional periods.
  • Coordinate with the Family Ministry Team to develop strategies to strengthen families and empower parents.
  • Maintain open and honest communication with other team members within the Family Ministry area and within the church staff.
  • Partner with and support Claiborne Christian School in discipling students.
  • Engage with local middle and high schools in the area.
  • Stay aware of new resources and changes in youth ministry and youth culture.
  • Visit or contact at least five people each week within the student ministry area by phone, card, email or home visit.
  • Work with the church staff to plan and administer retreats, programs and camps, including family events.
  • Submit a Youth Ministry budget to the Family Ministry Director each year.
  • Implement and manage the Youth Ministry budget.
  • Submit summer improvements to the Family Ministry Director.
  • Complete weekly and monthly church-wide pastoral visits assigned by the Director of Pastoral Care.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Personal Responsibilities

    Uphold Biblical priorities in life, in the order outlined below:

  • A strong and growing personal commitment to Jesus.
  • Strong interest and belief in the value of the family and Christian training for youth.
  • A heart, passion, and love for students, particularly those in the age group the ministry serves.
  • Committed to values and vision of the church and of the larger overall ministry.
  • Teaching, organizational, creative, and administrative skills.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills—a “people” person.
  • Ability to enable and empower others to carry out the work of the ministry and be supportive of their efforts.
  • Self-starter—able to motivate self to carry on sometimes difficult or thankless tasks.
  • An active member of Family Church, fully embracing the church's vision, values, and Statement of Faith.
  • Ability to relate well to students, ministry volunteers, and parents.