Foundations Church - Technical Director

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  • Loveland, United States

Foundations Church - Technical Director

Job description

To support the mission of Foundations by providing leadership and oversight to the technical department (audio, video and lighting) by helping to create an excellent online and in-person experience to immerse people into life-changing encounters with Jesus.

What would a strong candidate look like?

Loves Jesus:Continually growing in your relationship with Jesus and has a passion for caring for and helping people grow closer to Jesus.
Loves People: Has a heart for people and a passion to use production to help people take next steps towards Jesus.
Builder + Leader: Energized by an opportunity to shape and build a thriving production ministry.
Team Player: Thrives in a collaborative environment, and has a "we" not "me" ministry approach.
Organized: Gifted at providing systems, structure and administration to help power the production ministry in a healthy and sustainable way.




​The Technical Director (TD) will primarily support the Lead Pastor, Worship Pastor, Creative Pastor, and volunteers by helping to shape and execute excellent and distraction-free weekend worship services that will best enable us to bring the extraordinary life of Jesus to a lost and broken world. Secondarily, the TD will work to support the staff and key volunteers in helping to meet technical needs required to do effective ministry in our church facilities throughout the week.



  • Must be a faithful, growing Christ-follower who is deepening in his personal relationship with Christ, models this and Him to others.
  • A passionate desire to see people come to know, love and follow Christ in the context of biblical community.
  • Primary Spiritual Gifts: Administrative, Serving, Leadership
  • In full, unwavering alignment with Foundations’ Statement of Beliefs, Values, Mission, Vision, and doctrine.
  • Desires to know and love God even more than he wants to be used by God (Jn 15:1-8).
  • Consistently treats others in a way that proves to them that they matter to God and to us.


    • Availability to give the position and ministry the time and attention it needs to be optimally successful.
    • Urgent desire to handle conflict constructively and graciously.
    • Humble, credible, trustworthy, teachable, and a self-starter.
    • Skilled in building and leading gifts-based teams to accomplish shared purposes -- also a team player who sees the need to take others with them in the journey of leadership and leadership development.
    • Exhibits the highest level of integrity in representing Jesus Christ and Foundations Church in all spheres.


    • Ideally, an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in technology support systems.
    • Adequate qualitative experience in technical directing, project management, and volunteer structure & supervision that demonstrates proven competence.
    • Ideally technical leadership experience in a multisite context (i.e., one church with multiple locations/venues).
    • An innovative, strategic thinker regarding short and long-term ministry vision and needs.
    • Proficient in audio systems (sound mixing), lighting schemes, camera operation, video direction.
    • Skill in utilizing various software including ProPresenter, Planning Center, Adobe Premier, Ableton, Yamaha CL.
    • A highly relational person with strong emotional intelligence.
    • Patience in collaborating with and developing/discipling volunteers with various personalities and skill levels.
    • Time management that prioritizes ministry needs with attention to managing details and meeting deadlines.


    • The TD will work closely with the Producer, Creative Pastor and Worship Pastor to craft the strongest and most distraction-free weekend service environment possible to help Foundations Church bring only our best to Jesus Christ.
    • The TD will direct the weekend Production Team through the details of the weekend service from production meetings through equipment set-up, cue-calling, to any needed tear-down.
    • The TD will be in charge of all AVL equipment purchases, installation, updates and maintenance.
    • The TD, in close partnership with the Producer, will be responsible for scheduling, recruiting, training, and maintaining volunteer Production teams.
    • The TD will ensure all aspects of weekend AVL (cameras, sound, haze, lighting, computers, video switcher, headsets, microphones) are optimally functioning and operated by skilled persons.
    • The TD will oversee the quality and transfer of the “weekend product” to the online platform, both for live-stream and archived messages.
    • The TD will support the AVL needs of special onsite events such as weddings, funerals, & concerts.
    • The TD will support the AVL needs of Online Campus programs or events.
    • The TD will work closely with ministry leaders ensuring their onsite AVL needs are met.
    • The TD will prepare, update and maintain all of the church’s onsite AVL systems.
    • The TD will diagram systems, create instructions, and train users to facilitate multiple uses of tech systems in order to meet multiple ministry needs.
    • The TD will be a developmental team-builder who recruits, trains, empowers, coaches, and unleashes production volunteers into sweet-spot roles in various production ministry areas.
    • The TD will support the Producer in producing videos for story, promotion, and social media.
    • The TD will be responsible to cross-train the IT Director on ancillary ministry systems (i.e., children’s check-in and tech equipment, students technical tech equipment, etc).


    Building Effective Teams, Functional/Technical Skills, Conflict Management, Approachability, Composure, Motivating Others, Action-Oriented, Strategic Planning and Execution, Dealing with Ambiguity, Organizational Savvy in a Multisite Context, Timely Decision Making, Decision Quality, Directing Others, Informing, Learning on the Fly, Organizational Agility, Organizing, Peer Relationships, Priority Setting, Problem Solving, Process Management, Drive for Results, Technical Learning


    The TD will be directly responsible to and accountable to the Worship Pastor of Foundations Church, who will provide general oversight and specific coaching to ensure that the TD is well-aligned with Foundations’ overall Values, Vision, depth, and direction. After the first 12-18 months of his/her hire, the TD will be directly responsible to the Producer. The TD will oversee and develop the Windsor TD and serve in collaboration with the Foundations’ Staff Team. The TD will most consistently partner with the Worship Pastor, Creative Pastor, and Producer to help provide oversight and development of key volunteer production teams.