Generations Christian Church - Adult Ministries Pastor

  • Senior Leadership
  • Liberty, United States

Generations Christian Church - Adult Ministries Pastor

Job description

Generations Christian Church is looking for an Adult Ministries Pastor who is gritty, entrepreneurial, and a leader of leaders that will maximize the Disciple making process by connecting people to Jesus, Serving and Others.

Denomination - Christian Church

Role assignment - Oversee the assimilation process, small groups, and pastoral care

Total church attendance - 2,000


Generations Christian Church is over 40 years old. They have been on their current property for 10 years and had a name change when that move was made. The previous pastor saw great growth and outreach during a 15-year run.

Pastor Johnny Scott has been the Lead Pastor for 3.5 years. After a difficult transition, the church is on the brink of breakthrough impact in our city. They are averaging over 2,000 in attendance each Sunday. The Lord has led them to start serving the community in some unique ways, believing that if they serve first, they will have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus. On their property, they are serving 3 different schools, launched a CrossFit Box, launching 2 coffee shops, and a Counseling Center which will also be open to the public. The church seems to have lots of momentum at this time and is growing!

Generations Christian Church is also preparing to enter a building phase in the next 12 months. Great things are ahead for Generations Christian Church!


"Connect Deeply"

We are a uniquely discipling church in the tri-county area that gives the gift of community to the unchurched and over-churched so that abundant life happens.

We are intentional friends, hosts, guides, mentors, and key leaders who do whatever it takes to help people find home. We want to be an irresistible Church that is Jesus-centered, rooted locally, with a global impact.

We are passionate about connecting deeply with the right processes, teams, and communication so that people can belong and be known.

We provide visionary spaces and places to experience true relationship, measured by participation, engagement, and progress. This is what community can be.

We serve first, inspiring people to grow through genuine relationships right now.

We want to be an unstoppable hub for biblical transformation that results in a culture of disciple-making disciples. With nearly 50 years and countless stories of change, we’re just getting started.

At Generations Community Church we boil it all down to these two words, we aim too . . . "Connect Deeply"


At Generations, they believe in Connect People To Jesus! That’s why they are BIG on Discipleship! Their Discipleship ministry offers many opportunities to deeply connect to Jesus connect to others, and to grow spiritually!

All of the ministries listed below are part of the Adult Ministries vision at Generations.


Small Groups are intentional environments, designed for people to study God’s Word, build godly relationships, and connect deeply to Jesus. They have all kinds of groups to connect to. Men’s, Women’s, Coed, Couples, Singles, Young Adult, Young Married Couples, College-Age, and Young Professional. They offer Small Groups and Bible Studies, some seasonal & some all year. They are currently transitioning the majority of their groups from topical small groups to sermon based small groups. These groups meet throughout the week as well as on Sundays.


Generations is not only passionate about meeting the felt needs of the community, they are also committed to resourcing and caring for the felt needs of their congregation. Generations takes care of their people through hospital visits, food trains, benevolence, and serving opportunities.


Once a month Generations offers a one-time class on Sunday for people who are new to GCC or desire to connect deeper. When attending the Connect Class they get to hear the mission, vision, and values of GCC. The three big wins for this class are for attenders to move into their next steps of commitments, membership, volunteering, and joining a small group.


Overseeing the process from first impressions to small group engagement. This process currently involves the parking lot, lobby greeters, Connections Class, and a growing small group community.


GCC is an equipping and empowering church. What better way to grow than to get in the game. Members are encouraged to serve and they have lots of options to do that. There are currently 12 volunteer teams serving as part of the adult ministries team. Volunteer leaders are trained, equipped, valued and empowered.



The new Adult Ministries Pastor will have the opportunity to build upon a solid foundation. There are good systems in place to committed volunteers to accomplish the mission of adult ministries. There is still room to improve and grow as GCC continues to reach more families. GCC is growing, so this new leader needs to be able to continually reinvent how Discipleship looks and feels.


Generations Church is thinking out-side-the-box as to how church reaches its community. The church property is located in a booming area. Just in the last few years the surrounding area how gone from open ranch land to a central hub for shopping, eating, and new homes. With this new growth, the church would love to make their property a one-stop family-friendly location. Generations currently has a public CrossFit gym, school, and coffee shop. They have plans to continue to open more schools, businesses, and sports fields to reach the community, all with the idea that the church property becomes a one-stop location for the family throughout the week. This entrepreneurial mindset is evident is every ministry within Generations.


Staff at Generations need to have a rollup your sleeves and make it happen mindset. The Adult Ministries Pastor will need to have courage to take risks and not “play it safe.” Failure is not final, it is part of the process at GCC. Generations is a place that is optimistic, confident and creative in their ministry approach, and these characteristics should continue through all of the adult ministries.


Leading more than 12 volunteer teams will require this new leader to be highly inspirational and a gifted volunteer recruiter. Keeping all the teams within the adult ministries inspired, trained, and mobilized will be a top priority. This new leader will need to love investing in people, and releasing them into ministry roles.


Generations places a high-priority on reaching those who don't yet know Jesus. The desire is to have an Adult Ministries Pastor who understands the balance in ministry between maturing the believer and reaching unchurched families. The new leader should not only be a person who desires to reach the local church but also local organizations and communities. The new Adult Ministries Pastor should think creatively about how to reach unchurched families.