Generations Church - Worship Director

  • Experience (Worship)
  • Greeley, United States

Generations Church - Worship Director

Job description

This is an exciting time to partner with the Generations team! From 2016-2018, the worship ministry has undergone significant change and is primed for the right leader to step in. The on-stage quality of the musicianship of Generations has set the church up well for the next person to step in and develop a true culture of worship, where moments of spiritual impact and depth are created, capitalizing on opportunities for people to encounter Jesus in a tangible, authentic way.

Beyond a quality performance, the leadership team (and congregation as an extension) longs for a new season where "spirit-led" moments can occur within worship. While the team currently uses tracks and Ableton click and cues, the next Worship Director will have the gift of freedom to discern if a chorus should be sung again, or a Scripture shared during a transition that will help teach and embed the words of the worship song into people's hearts. The church believes authenticity, passion, and heart from those on stage will win over structure and perfection.

The Windsor Campus meets Sunday evenings at 6pm, and is led by a part time worship leader. The Worship Director will collaborate with and advise all (current and future) worship staff to ensure that a consistent culture of worship is developed and lived out across all campuses. There’s freedom and space for autonomy in style, teams, and songs across each campus. What is desired most is an authentic atmosphere where all are accepted and encouraged to find meaningful connection to Jesus.

Generations is, as you might gather from its name, a community where those of all ages and backgrounds gather together. Stylistically, there’s freedom to explore, and encouragement to consider a wide demographic when planning and executing worship sets.

​The weekly band setup at Generations Church is fairly standard: acoustic(s), electric(s), keys, bass, drums, with click and/or multi-tracks combined with vocalists who lead worship. Generations has a solid core of great musicians at each instrument, along with production team members who love to facilitate worship together. There is also a ton of potential to build strong teams and recruit/incorporate more people into a new culture of worship. With Northern Colorado University's incredible music program three miles down the road, the team is primed for growth.

The Worship Director will be supported well with a team of great collaborators. The Creative and Production team members are eager for a co-laborer who is ready and willing to contribute time, effort, and passion to work together in order to creatively communicate the life change of Jesus in meaningful ways each week.



The Worship Director will lead the worship arts teams including paid and volunteer musicians, vocalists and support team members. They will be a visionary who creates moments for our community to experience Jesus in worship in weekend services and further develop a culture of worshipping faithfully.

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • Possess a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus.
  • Ownership of and loyalty to the mission, vision and spiritual rhythms of Generations Church.
  • A passion for showing people who Jesus is through character and conduct.
  • A calling to multiply the work of Jesus in the lives of others.
  • Teachable, respectful, humble and accountable.
  • Professional Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in leading worship / strong vocals and ability to lead from guitar and/or keys.
  • Technical expertise in Ableton, Planning Center, and ProPresenter.
  • An includer and developer of people who believes we get further faster by using a team.
  • A self-motivated builder and maximizer with creative ideas and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • An objective thinker, secure in themselves, and committed to the idea that the best idea wins.
  • Ability to engage difficult issues and individuals, while pastoring people toward wholeness and vision.
  • A mindset of: people first, goal oriented, continually improve, make it happen, work hard / play hard.
  • Experience in either a large church and/or multi-site culture.
  • Ministry Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Be the primary stage and team leader for weekend services in Greeley / Online.
  • Vision for one worship experience shared between services. Modern in style but leaning less into style and more into moments that thoughtfully engage a diverse audience.
  • Build teams by attracting, recruiting and caring for volunteers.
  • Improve both musicianship and aptitude for leading worship in self and team members.
  • Always be learning and improving so we can get to a next level.
  • Mentor / coach for stage and team leader for weekend services in Windsor.
  • Sense, create, plan for and lead moments of worship where people authentically connect with Jesus.
  • Bring people along intentionally by strategically introducing new songs.
  • Work with creative, production and teaching teams to create engaging atmosphere, theme and moments for worship.
  • Participate as a member of the Creative Team, contributing to service planning and creative ideation towards fulfillment of our vision and mission.
  • Work in close relationship with the Lead Pastor, Creative Director, and Production Leader in execution of weekend services.
  • Lead the way in worshipping Jesus personally and corporately.
  • Work Schedule:

  • 40-50 hours/week Sunday through Thursday.
  • Be available for evening events and meetings.
  • Staff events and retreats.