Grace Bible Church - Children's Minister

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  • La Vernia, United States

Grace Bible Church - Children's Minister

Job description


Ensures that Kids Ministry has a clear mission and direction and oversees the implementation of such that would include the spiritual growth of kids, discipleship of volunteers, and partnering with parents along their parental journey.  Oversees Kids Ministry staff ensuring spiritual discipleship, leadership development, and accountability to job descriptions. Continues to lead the ministries with growth and outreach in mind.

Mission: Equipping parents to lead all kids towards a life-changing pursuit of Christ.

Vision: To be a place where kids belong.


The ideal candidate will possess strong communication, relationship building, and discipleship skills. This candidate will understand the role in which Kids Ministry plays in the life of the parent, child, and church as a whole. This candidate will understand and continually learn how foster environments that best relate and connect with kids and parents.


RESPONSIBILITIES -- The following list includes, but is not limited to:


  • Oversees training process, equipping, and appreciation of volunteers
  • Strategically plans for recruitment of volunteers on an on-going basis
  • Coordinates Sunday morning scheduling of volunteer teams
  • Develops leadership teams within the Sunday morning environment, for events, and Summer activities.
  • Has a discipleship plan in place for volunteers that supports the mindset that we need to lead those leading kids


Ensures that all program environments are in line with our standard of excellence, care, safety, and engagement. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Curriculum

Is familiar with and knowledgeable of the curriculum chosen by the ministry administrator.

Ensure leaders are utilizing the curriculum and meeting the ministry standards in each room.

  • Space usage
  • Parent experience
  • Safety protocols
  • Special Events
  • Classes


  • Strives to be a resource for parents as they lead their families, specifically in the areas of
    • Salvation/Baptism
    • Parent Commissioning
    • Family Discipleship
    • Sunday programming accessibility
  • Creates space for parental involvement within the ministry environments
  • Communicates regularly with parents on what is happening within Kids Ministry
  • Creates opportunities for family experiences
  • Communicates with parents regarding any grievances


  • Ensures spiritual discipleship and leadership development are integrated into the work environment
  • Holds staff accountable to job descriptions
  • Leads Kids Min staff meeting once a month

Currently overseeing 3 staff members with teams below them;

  • Mother’s Day Out Coordinator
  • Grace Kids Care Coordinator
  • Ministry Administrator


  • Attends Trainings when necessary
  • -Meets weekly with Next Gen Pastor and GBC Core staff