Grace Place - Youth Pastor

  • Berthoud, United States

Grace Place - Youth Pastor

Job description


Grace Place is searching for an experienced team builder who is willing to do anything short of sin to reach students and help them find authentic community. Grace Place is truly that, a place where grace is given freely to all. Both adults and students can “belong before they believe.”

Denomination - Evangelical Covenant Church

Role assignment - Youth Pastor for a combined group of middle school and high school students

Total church attendance - 800-900 (1000-1200 before COVID)

Youth attendance - 100 (130 before COVID)


Grace Place is a regional congregation with people coming to gather from cities surrounding beautiful Berthoud, Colorado. What started as a dream of lead pastor Clay Peck to plant a gospel-centered, creative, contemporary congregation which would reach out to the burned, bored, and bypassed, became a reality in 1996 with its first public worship service in a local high school. They quickly grew in numbers and consequently needed a home base to house their seven day a week ministry that builds bridges to the community through creative endeavors such as The Trailhead Cafe and many other missionary minded programs. Grace Place is clearly defined by the importance of keeping the gospel of grace the main thing, and living out that grace in the community and neighborhoods surrounding them.

Their basic beliefs are centered in Christ and His message as found in and supported by the clearest passages of Scripture. More obscure doctrine or teachings with less support are left to individuals to sort out on their own; they take no official position in these areas. In essential beliefs they have UNITY. In non-essential beliefs they have LIBERTY. In all beliefs they have CHARITY.

Clay originally came out of a legalistic religious background, which drives his focus and teaching on grace. Grace Place remained non denominational for 18 years before joining the Evangelical Covenant Church ( Grace Place has a nondenominational feel, but finds value in association with a larger network of churches. The vision, mission, and values of Grace Place and their stability in leadership and consistency in community service have clearly given them a voice and presence in their city and surrounding area; this church desires to grow in all areas of ministry.



  • We will get creative and try anything short of sin to reach people far from God—as many as possible. (2 Peter 3:9; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23)

  • Just come as you are and hangout with Jesus and his people. (John 1:38-39; 43-46)

    God's job = judge; Holy Spirit’s job = convict; My job = love


  • The most natural and effective way the church grows is when people invite their friends to “come and see.” (John 1:46; 4:29, 39-42)

    FRANC list: F- Friends; R- Relatives; A- Acquaintances; N- Neighbors; C – Co-workers

  • The church is not a program, but a family where you can find love, acceptance, forgiveness, and deep-level friendship. (John 13:34-35; Acts 2:42-47)

    OUR GOAL: Stay committed to building missional community while God builds his church


  • The gospel of grace through the finished work of Jesus is the central message of Scripture and Grace Place. (Romans 1:16-17; Ephesians 2:8-9)

  • Our response to the gospel of grace is to give our time, talent, and treasure to worship Jesus and serve others in love. (Mark 10:45; Galatians 5:13)


    STAY FIT - The best gift we can give

    The best gift we can give our families, church, and team is a healthy self. We will be vigilant about staying spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally fit.

    MAKE IT BETTER - Intentionality, effort and execution

    Excellence is the result of intentionality, effort, and execution. We accept that excellence honors God and inspires people, so we will evaluate everything and always strive to improve.

    EMPOWER PEOPLE - Refuse to hoard leadership

    Our greatest kingdom asset is our people. We refuse to hoard leadership and believe it’s our privilege to duplicate ourselves by adding value to those around us.

    GRIT IT OUT - Willingly fail forward

    More than talent or IQ, it’s long term passion and perseverance that wins the race. We reject permanent failure, willingly fail forward, embrace risk, and eat laziness for dinner.

    BE A RAVING FAN - Believe the best

    Freedom to express honest critique in private enables us to rave in public. We will speak our mind in the right place, have each other’s back, and believe the best about each other.

    KEEP AN OPEN HAND - Offering our best

    Possessiveness favors the individual, stewardship forwards the vision. We will be flexible and adaptable, vision-focused team players, always offering our best with a loose grip.

    WORK TOGETHER - Tear down silos

    Nothing is more toxic to our culture than a divided house. We will actively tear down silos, collaborate, resolve conflict, own our mistakes, and bring joy to our work place.

    LIVE GENEROUSLY - Time, talent, and treasure

    Jesus modeled generosity by giving his all for us. We will respond to the gospel of grace by being generous with our time, talent, and treasure to bring hope to the world.


    Grace Place is searching for an experienced team builder who is willing to do anything short of sin to reach students and help them find authentic community. Grace Place is truly that, a place where grace is given freely to all. Both adults and students can belong before they believe.


    The youth ministry and Youth Pastor must be an outward faced ministry reaching the community. The new leader should be outgoing and personable as he/she builds relationships at local schools and builds into students who are yet to call Grace Place home. The Youth Pastor is encouraged to be intentional about being outside the office in contact with students. This can be taking students to coffee, coaching a sports team, or attending students’ extra curricular activities.


    Following a well-loved leader is always a challenge and this is the case with the transition. The current Youth Pastor is transitioning after three great years. The previous Youth Pastor before him is still on-staff in the adult ministries team. The current Youth Pastor plans to stay in the area and attend the church, but feels his time in youth ministry is done. He will stay onboard in a part-time role, primarily leading Sunday nights until this new leader is hired. With established leadership left behind, the new Youth Pastor will need to quickly earn the trust of staff and key volunteer leadership. However, the church leadership is excited about a new day in youth ministry and desire to see the ministry thrive.


    The new Youth Pastor will have the opportunity to build upon a solid foundation and a group of students who are committed to community while also reaching out to people who don't yet know Jesus. The youth ministries at Grace Place have a solid foundation that has carried them through COVID-19, but they are ready to move forward, grow, and reach more students.


    It is imperative that the new Youth Pastor designs a ministry structure that is scalable to grow with the church. The youth ministry and Grace Place is volunteer-run and staff supported. The Youth Pastor will need to continue to build on the current leadership teams. Currently, the youth leaders have just enough to lead every Grade Group, but are in need of more to help support and meet the demand of future growth. The Youth Pastor will need to place a high priority on recruiting, training, and mobilizing teams of volunteers to effectively disciple students.


    Grace Place is always looking for new ways to reach the community. This new leader will need to embrace the core value of “anything short of sin” as they dream and envision the future of youth ministry. This creative spirit can be seen in their commitment to hosting events like 5th Quarter, After Prom parties, and involvement with the local football team. Dream big, dream often because Grace Place believes in failing forward!