Graceway Church, Kansas City, MO — Communications Director

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Graceway Church, Kansas City, MO — Communications Director

Job description

The role of the Communications Director (CD) is to oversee the church communication strategy of Graceway Church under the direction and leadership of the Lead Pastor, Tim Dunn. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values and strategy of Graceway Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, vision and values. The CD will lead all components of communications and marketing to add inspiration, motivation and clarity to church messages.

Currently, Communications at Graceway is a team effort, handled primarily by the creative department. Graceway is excited to hire someone with strong written skills, who has a passion for creating and curating content that drives engagement. This will require someone with expertise in communications that is not currently on staff. The Communications Director will be someone who knows how to look at the entire scope of creative communication and ensure the brand of Graceway is protected while innovation and creativity flourish. Because Graceway values and desires consistency and clarity in their communications strategy, the new Communications Director must naturally resonate with Graceway's relentless commitment to discover your purpose and make a difference. Ultimately, Graceway Church is seeking a leader who will serve as their brand "ambassador," equipping staff and volunteers while executing a communications strategy that champions the priorities of the lead pastor and senior leadership team.

This is a great opportunity for a qualified and called leader who can bring continuity, consistently, and focus to a remarkable team that sees communications as a way to bolster the overall effectiveness of the ministry and impact of the church. Globally, their vision is to launch campuses and plant churches throughout the world and this role will play a strategic part in achieving that vision. 


The Communications Director will be responsible for the following:

Modeling Biblical Priorities 

  • Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of Graceway Church.
  • The CD should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ.
  • The CD models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable).
  • The CD strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships and actions. These objectives are accomplished by:
  • Committing to a daily quiet-time with God. 
  • Participating in a Graceway small group on a regular basis.
  • Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
  • Developing personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.
  • Supporting the ministries of Graceway by faithfully giving at least 10% of gross income.
  • Adhering to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of Graceway employees, as defined by the Staff Handbook.

Managing Two-Way Communication Flow

Responsible for creating an environment that provides two-way communication between the congregation and church leadership. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Removing barriers that keep people from connecting.
  • Becoming a student of the changing audience Graceway is trying to reach.
  • Evaluating messages and materials in the context of guest perspectives.
  • Studying, learning and communicating new trends happening in the congregation
  • Uncovering audience needs and communicating next steps to help them meet them.
  • Developing relationships across the organization’s stakeholders to develop communication strategies and tactics for new approaches.
  • Staying in touch with audience and leadership team simultaneously and conveying clear messages to both.
  • Maximizing communication at Graceway Church that attracts people to the message and removing anything that repels them.

Oversight and Execution of Communications and Marketing

The CD creates seamless messages that produce simple ways to connect with Graceway Church. The CD is responsible for ensuring a consistent experience across multiple touch points:


  • Manage all aspects of Graceway's related websites. Websites should display artistic and creative excellence and content is timely, current and appropriate to Graceway Church.
  • Evaluate and establish standards of scope, technology, distribution, promotion and operational efficiency for all web functions.
  • Manage and maintain audio/video podcasts and downloadable documents.
  • Lead all efforts related to the creation and development of all websites (May create and develop sites internally or work with web development companies).
  • Monitor success through an established set of metrics (ex. increased website use, etc.)
  • Proactively work to make sure Graceway Church maintains an effective presence on the web including style/presence, search engines, new technology.
  • Assist Senior Pastor in blog sites, e-newsletters and other web related issues as deemed necessary.


  • Deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout and ease of use for print brochures, signage, surveys, direct mail, and custom media.


  • Develop systems to organize, prioritize and communicate promotional items related to Graceway Church.
  • Create communication strategies to market, inform and promote teaching series, big events and other campaigns assigned.
  • Oversee all written materials related to promotions.

Social Media

  • Create social media presence for Graceway including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Manage on-going social media messaging and communication strategies.
  • Build followings on various social media outlets


  • Lead efforts to design all art and promotional materials related to church-wide activities with a high standard of creativity, excellence and effectiveness.
  • Network with paid and volunteer artists to develop graphic designs.


  • Work closely with Graceway's video team to produce creative and effective promotional videos: concept, scripting, video shoots, editing and post-production.
  • Strategize creative tactics to use video to promote and send the message Graceway may want to communicate to the church and the world.

Worship Arts

  • Work in tandem with worship arts team to create consistency in messaging from the front door to the back door.
  • Develop creative ways to communicate desired messages with the worship audience.
  • Join brainstorm and creative sessions in developing worship series and programs.

Brand Management

  • Monitor the look, vibe, and feel of all promotional materials representing Graceway Church.
  • Monitor and establish accountability for the appropriate use of logos and images that represent Graceway Church.
  • Create policy and procedures related to media relations.
  • Oversee implementation of style guide (same fonts, terms, etc.)

Media Relations

  • Create positive relationships with local and national media.
  • Oversee efforts related to securing or responding to media attention.
  • Develop policy and procedures related to media relations.

Staff Supervision and Development

  • Provides leadership to the communications team.
  • The CD will lead, evaluate and mentor existing communications staff and volunteers and prioritize future staffing needs.

Includes the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising the communications team in day-to-day operational activities.
  • Overseeing the training and development of the communications team.
  • Recruiting and empowering volunteers to deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout and ease of use (artists, designers, photographers, writers, etc.).
  • Maintaining a strong network of relevant professionals - writers, designers, creative directors, developers and production managers.
  • Developing ministry partnerships with outside vendors that share Graceway's commitment to excellence.

REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor

RELATES CLOSELY TO: Executive Pastor