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Journey Church - Youth Pastor

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“If you don’t like doing ministry for skeptics, cynics, and those who’ve given up on church, then this is not the place for you,” so begins founding Senior Pastor Phil Human when describing Journey Church in Omaha, Nebraska. “We know there are many who perhaps haven’t given up on God yet, but they gave up on church a long time ago…this is why we planted Journey.”

Phil says it all in a non-assuming way. He’s the guy that really doesn’t take himself too seriously and that permeates this congregation. The central message of the Gospel, that the skeptics, cynics and even the religious if the choose, can experience life in the Kingdom now, is important. But Phil is “just a guy” as he says.

Phil and a few friends began Journey in the southwest corner of Omaha metro area in a town called Gretna in 2009. The idea was to start something for those who were all over the map in their faith journey. This church of five hundred (pre-covid) is full of those who were, or even still are, skeptical or stalled out in their spiritual journey.

“My prayer is that they discover the real Jesus,” says Phil, “I’ve had plenty of questions myself throughout my faith journey and Jesus can handle it.”

It’s safe to say that church planting experts would maintain that most churches that go twelve years without a facility never get one. But 2022 will be an exciting year as the church will open the doors on a new facility. Not many churches have been able to sustain the momentum required to push towards a new facility during COVID, but Journey has.


What’s Next

“I know there isn’t one person who embodies everything we are looking for,” says Phil, “I was a youth pastor in a previous life, and I know there’s no such thing as the perfect candidate. But on the short list of what we must have I’d say we have to have someone who is enthusiastic about our vision. Can someone look at our vision as a church in our context and drive that home to students and their families? Secondly, we must have a team builder, one who can woo others to serve alongside with them. Thirdly, I’d say that authenticity is a given here. That has to be clearly apparent in this next person or you won’t make it at journey.”

The previous youth pastor has left the ministry in good shape with momentum and volunteers. There’s a sound plan to do ministry the next few months while this is happening. This is not a ministry that needs to be blown up or rebuilt. A good work has begun and just needs to be continued.

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