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Montgomery Community Church - Student Ministry Director

Job description

Their Story

Montgomery Community Church (MCC), in Montgomery, Ohio, has a long and storied 75-year presence in the Greater Cincinnati area. Located in a beautiful northeastern suburb of Cincinnati, MCC has more than 1000 people gathered for worship each weekend.

Montgomery Community Church has a strong focus on mission: "We exist to engage people with Christ, live in community and serve others." The vision of MCC is to be "a diverse community seeing future generations transformed by the Gospel.”

The church has a rich history of welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds and is situated on a 13-acre prime location campus. Roughly 35,000 cars pass by daily and approximately 50,000 people live within a 3-mile radius of the church.

There are three main buildings on the campus which include a newly-renovated 800-seat worship venue with a coffee bar and inviting fireplace room; a strikingly constructed 23,000 square foot junior/senior high student center housing a regulation basketball court, offices, meeting rooms, cafe, and a 250-seat worship area; and an administrative office building. The children’s ministry area, located in the main church building, has fun and lively decor with classrooms for various ages and a large group meeting space. Weekdays, the children’s area is utilized by a 165-student preschool, which has been operated for many years by MCC.


Student Ministry

Ready to Re-launch

Plain and simple— with staff changes, COVID-19, new volunteers and a renewed vigor for what can be, it is time for the reset button and a new approach to the Student Ministries at Montgomery Community Church.

MCC is ready for a visionary leader to partner with new Next Gen Pastor and current student ministry leadership to create environments that match the DNA of MCC and the mission and vision of the church.

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Foundation is Here

The ministry has had several seasons of great success, but is in a place where a core of students and leaders are ready to build upon the few traditions of the past and the foundation of hope for the future. The combination of a rich history, new faces, seasoned leaders and prayer support should provide a wonderful launch to the new student ministry.

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Relationships Matter Most

Relational ministry will be a key. Personal and connected are key words for this ministry. Small groups are important to the students and families. The church desires to be very evangelistic by nature; a place where non-Christians feel welcome and safe to explore faith in Jesus.

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Ingredients: Sunday Programs, Missions, Camps, Events, Retreats, Service, Etc.

MCC looks forward to a variety of methods being used to meet the needs of the students in the Cincinnati area. Each of the above listed elements have been used successfully at various times in the past, and it is anticipated that a variety of methodologies will be used in the future; however, the new director will have the support of the Next Gen Pastor and staff to implement the best strategy and programs moving forward.

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MCC is seeking out a visionary leader who has the ability to envision and rebuild something on a solid foundation. This leader will inherit several strong and committed volunteer leaders who have served in the student ministries for the last few years but eagerly await their new teammate to lead them. This person will need to cast vision and develop strategies that will promote growth within the student ministry.


Create and expand the ministry to middle school and high school students. The new student ministries director will need to have the ability to build upon the foundation of students and committed leaders and establish creative ways to minister to the preteens, teens and families. The dichotomy between growing in Christ and reaching others for Christ has been a challenge as the current programming has been more focused on helping the students to know more.

Though the church has a solid history of successful ministry years, the students, parents and leaders were unified in voicing their opinion that a "remodel" of the ministry is needed in order to both reach and teach the unchurched while growing the maturity of those who already are in relationship with Jesus.

This remodel includes the potential re-branding of the ministry (HS Ministry has been known as EPIC).


The new Student Ministry Director will need to recruit, train and sustain a base of volunteers to lead a growing ministry. Currently there are several parents serving on the ministry team, however, many seem to be in attendance as adult supervision more than adult mentors/leaders. This person should have confidence in his or her abilities with adults while still maintaining solid relationships with students. This person will empower the leaders in every way to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


It was clear that the parents, leaders, students and staff at MCC are hopeful that the new Director will have relational connectedness and a true desire to "do life" with the students (and leaders). Laughter is a hallmark of the ministry and the new Director will have the opporutnity to shape the culture of the ministry as they model humor, passion for Jesus and a heart for Service.


The primary purpose of this position is to cast vision and lead the Montgomery Community Church (MCC) Next Generation Student Ministry from a pastoral, biblical, and operational perspective. This role will directly lead the day to day operations of Senior High School students within a team setting. This position will also oversee the Assistant Student Ministry Director while assisting with some Junior High students and joint programs/events. The Student Ministry Director will contribute to a team that establishes Student Ministry strategies that align with the overall “One Ministry” mission, vision and values of the church.


A. Ministry and Operations

Provide organizational, teaching, and spiritual leadership for the Senior High School students and associated ministry teams as well as assist with the leadership of Junior High and joint programs/events. Ensure age appropriate, authentic teaching that engages students to live and serve like Jesus. Develop systematic opportunities to connect students for meaningful involvement in the worship, equipping, and missional environments. Empower and release student ministry leaders to accomplish the following:

1) Worship Environment

a) Create age-appropriate worship environments which captivate students into relationship with God and lead them into a transforming relationship with Christ.

b) Encourage and embrace opportunities for children and students to worship with their families as part of the overall body of Christ at MCC.

2) Equipping Environment

a) Establish age-appropriate equipping opportunities which are essential for missional living (i.e. character, knowledge, and skill).

b) Creatively engage students to participate in the equipping opportunities.

c) In partnership with MCC’s Family Life staff, maintain and evaluate for improvement, the existing strategy that equips parents to be the primary disciple makers of their children.

3) Missional Environment

a) Encourage and engage students into missional lifestyles.

b) Identify and develop ministry specific missional opportunities to teach and engage students about missional living.

c) Partner with like-minded ministries to accomplish missional vision.

B. Lay Leaders, Volunteers, and Parents

1) Build ministry capacity through the recruitment and training of lay leaders and volunteers to ensure the effective implementation of ministry objectives, goals and action plans.

2) Equip, disciple, coach, and supervise ministry lay leaders and volunteers so they may grow like Christ and effectively use their giftedness in God’s church.

3) Provide hands-on involvement and equipping opportunities for parents by facilitating parenting events such as seminars, retreats and missional opportunities.

C. Financial Management

1) Provide input and assist with the creation of student ministry operating and capital budgets which are fully integrated with the church’s mission, vision, and strategies.

2) In the spirit of stewardship, manage labor and spending within approved budgeted parameters and monitor spending at least monthly.

3) Understand and operate within church policies and processes regarding all financial transactions of the church.

D. Other

1) Be intentional about building relationships with the community surrounding MCC and the local school districts

2) Give full commitment in word and deed to support the faith tenets and cultural expectations of MCC.

3) Value and develop strong/positive relationships via teams comprised of church staff, ministry partners, parents, and lay leadership. Foster high-levels of cooperation and effectively work in a team environment(s) with quality relationships and respect of each member’s giftedness and unique abilities.

4) Establish best practices to ensure the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of the students at all programs and events.

5) Provide pastoral care to MCC students and families.

6) Proactively grow and develop leadership gifts through training opportunities.

7) Continue personal and professional development

8) Other duties as assigned.

Performance Expectations:

1) The worship, equipping, and missional experiences routinely engage students to with Christ, live in community and serve others.

2) As a result of experiencing Jesus in their lives, students are pursuing missional living in their schools, community and the world.

3) Identify, coach, equip and lead parents and ministerial teams (paid and unpaid) to grow into greater levels of interdependence, knowledge, skills, and effectiveness.


1) Meet the character qualities described of a spiritual leader in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1

2) Agreement with and overall support of MCC Constitution, Statement of Faith, Mission and Vision

3) Demonstrated leadership with student ministry

4) Ability to develop and organize a ministry team made up of staff and volunteer leaders

5) We prefer the candidate be married with children with demonstrated discipleship within his/her home, but are open to the best overall candidate

6) Bachelor’s Degree in Education, “Bible”, ministry or related field required

7) Knowledge of developmental and faith stages for students and the ability to strategically choose and implement appropriate programming for those stages is essential

8) At least three years of experience on a large church staff leading in the spiritual formation area of students and/or Christian education is preferred

9) Organization, delegation, follow-through, task orientation, ability to “see the big picture”, sensitivity, strong managerial, coaching, empowerment, and leadership skills combined with an exceptional relational ability

10) Ability to create a positive and intentional leadership culture

11) Ability to work with a teachable heart, good attitude and unified spirit

Personal Characteristics:

1) Pursues an intimate relationship with Christ with intensity, passion and single minded commitment

2) Known for a humble and teachable spirit

3) Models a life surrendered to Christ and lives the message he teaches

4) Committed to evangelism as evidenced by teaching, lifestyle and support of missions

5) Devoted and committed to family with strong moral standing

6) Relational, approachable and collaborative. A genuine heart for people

7) Presence and charisma, necessary to be one of the primary faces of MCC to both the congregation and the community

8) Decisive leader

9) High energy with ability to energize volunteers/staff to deliver exceptional results

10) Applies Biblical doctrine and leads change in a dynamic environment

11) Has an active prayer life

Ideal Spiritual Giftings or Skills

1) Leadership

2) Teaching

3) Discernment

Reports to: Next Generation Pastor

Staff responsibilities/Direct Reports:

1. Assistant Student Ministry Director