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Mt. Airy Baptist Church - Worship Pastor

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Mt. Airy Baptist Church was founded in 1895, in a rural farming community just outside Greenville, South Carolina. The early years of the church featured a membership primarily made of farming families and textile plant workers. As the textile plants began to shut down, and farms became more corporately owned in the 1970s and 1980s, the community began to transition into a residential bedroom community for Greenville.

Today, the community is highlighted by young, professional families, who choose to live in the area due to the great schools, picturesque setting, and affordable housing. For the past 25 years, Mt. Airy has been strategic and intentional about doing whatever it takes to reach the surrounding community. As the area continues to grow and change, so does Mt. demonstrated by their commitment to a multi-generational, forward-thinking approach to worship. Additionally, not only is the church passionate about reaching those in the shadow of it's steeple, they also have a rich history of ministering beyond the local community through missions, assisting church plants and replants, and community ministries.

With attenders from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and traditions, Mt. Airy offers multiple styles of worship in two venues on Sunday morning, as well as many options for Bible study classes. The church has a long history of doing whatever it takes to reach their community with the message of the Gospel, a rich history of unity, and is poised for incredible growth in the days to come!


Community outreach and sharing the Gospel is at the heart of everything Mt. Airy does. From feeding public school teachers to making their gym/workout facility available to the community at no cost, Mt. Airy Baptist Church is known for loving people well. In addition to reaching the local community, the members of Mt. Airy are also passionate about reaching the nations through global mission endeavors and church plants.

Mt. Airy has a varied and creative approach to the Sunday morning worship experience. Featuring three distinct Sunday morning services, people of all ages are drawn into the presence of God in meaningful and creative ways. The traditional service occurs at 9:45am in the Worship Center and features piano and organ, along with a small group of singers. Following this service there are currently two simultaneous services at 11:00am, one in the Worship Center and one in the Life Center. The service in the Worship Center is highlighted by a choir, small group of instrumentalists, praise team, and live preaching. The modern service in the Life Center features a five piece band, coffee and snacks, a simulcast sermon and more casual atmosphere. In addition to the Sunday morning worship experiences, additional opportunities are offered on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Typical songs in the 11:00am services include many familiar tunes from Hillsong, Elevation, etc., while the 9:45am service predominantly features hymns and anthems.


Family and community are important at Mt. Airy. Senior Pastor, Dr. Keith Shorter, recently celebrated 25 years with the church and is dearly loved. His leadership and tenure has created a staff culture highlighted by trust, community, and collaboration. With staff including the senior pastor, administrative pastor, pastoral care pastor, student pastor, missions pastor, children's director, and a part-time modern worship leader, the church is equipped with creative and innovative leadership. Dr. Shorter's approach to ministry is collaborative and relational with an emphasis on work-life balance and family. Because of the relaxed and caring environment, many staff members find themselves falling in love with the church and community resulting in long-lasting tenures.

The church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. For a more in-depth explanation of their doctrinal beliefs, please view the Baptist Faith and Message.



The Worship Pastor at Mt. Airy should have a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord, a genuine love for people, and a pastor's heart. Working in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, church staff, and worship ministry volunteers, the Worship Pastor will create meaningful, innovative, and inspirational worship experiences that engage the congregation and draw them into the presence of God. Effectively implementing a creative approach to traditional, blended, and modern worship, the Worship Pastor will strive to engage young families as well as those mature in the faith through varied, fresh, and meaningful worship experiences.


  • A Christian that believes in the infallible Word of God.
  • A genuine Christian walk, a strong working knowledge of the Bible, and the ability to teach and train others in worship.
  • Agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (MABC is a Southern Baptist Church).
  • A clear and passionate call to ministry.
  • Proven ability to think strategically and work effectively with various worship models and styles.
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to grow a ministry.
  • A degree in music is preferred but not required provided proficiency in music is demonstrated.
  • Have the desire to be connected to the entire congregation and greater community, not just worship teams/volunteers.
  • Experience with choirs is preferred.
  • A humble and teachable attitude.

  • Model Christian maturity and Kingdom values in both professional and personal life.
  • Lead and oversee the overall worship ministry of the church comprised of children, student, and adult vocal teams, instrumental teams, and media teams in a manner that glorifies God.
  • Partner with the Senior Pastor in the planning, coordination, execution, and evaluation of all worship services.
  • Provide pastoral care for all worship ministry volunteers and general church membership as needed.
  • Plan creative and innovative ways to use music to reach the community and world evangelistically.
  • Recruit, develop, and lead musicians, worship leaders, and volunteer worship teams
  • Develop and responsibly maintain the annual worship ministry budget.