North Metro Church- College Pastor

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North Metro Church- College Pastor

Job description


Founded out of the Willow Creek / North Point movement of the 1990's and birthed out of a traditional Baptist church, North Metro is a 22 year old non-denominational church experiencing growth, movement and seeing lives transformed through the power of the Gospel.

Though most of original leadership has moved to new roles at other churches , the church has seen God's blessing in His provision. Those moves have given NMC an opportunity to see new leaders emerge from within or come with a new perspective with outside eyes.

NMC is known for ridiculous generosity and a thriving kid's ministry. There have been seasons where NMC was also known for their stellar student ministry but this has suffered in recent years due to multiple leadership changes.

North Metro Church is committed to being debt free, they paid off $7 Million in debt in less than three years and that has become something the church body embraces and is known for, they are "crazy generous."

NMC is at healthy place as a church. They are built on a foundation of loving God and loving others. The church has a fantastic leadership structure which is focused on reaching the unchurched and maturing Christ-followers. They are not afraid of taking risks and hope a new College Pastor will help them fine-tune recent innovations and help develop the fantastic team of staff and volunteers as they seek to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

North Metro is a multi-generational church. They offer weekly services at 9:30am and 11:30am. NMC is a highly relational church with a goal of getting 80% of their core people connecting through their vibrant small groups that meet throughout the week.


Rob McDowell serves as the Lead Teaching Pastor and leads the NMC staff. Rob helps to set and implement the vision, mission, and strategic direction of North Metro. He is described as "the poster child of an enneagram 7 with a heaping side of ADD." In addition it was noted that he is an incredible teacher and probably the best person ever to have tough conversations whether it be one on one or to the church as a whole. Rob is a lot of fun but can also drive. Is committed to unity in diversity as a ministry and has a strong desire to see our church grow in this area as well as biblical literacy.


The staff is very collaborative and look to laugh together. The work environment is described as professional, but fun. John Maggard is the Executive Pastor and works with the Board of Advisors to ensure NMC has the proper resources to accomplish the mission, this includes things like finances, facilities, and human resources. Rebecca Ross, the Family Pastor is a detail oriented person and is a true servant. The new College Pastor will report direct to Rebecca. The team strives to have a culture of healthy accountability, and are willing to have difficult conversations as needed and support one another well.



North Metro College Ministry encompasses those in the 18 to 24 age range. It seeks to create engaging environments for young adults and the leadership. The ministry seeks to help teens and young adults grow deeper in their faith while strengthening relationships with one another and those outside of the church. This happens in and through both large and small group settings throughout the ministry.


College students meet in the Shift Room for the new NMC College Bible Study Group, an intimate community to pursue Christ. This semester they plan to study the New Testament book of Ephesians.


Beginning Fall 2021, college students will join together with students across the area for a night of worship on the NMC campus.


Overview: To cast and implement the vision of NMC students through programming and events, small groups & relationship building, team management, and local outreach.


· Lead & manage the college ministry programming

· Lead and care for the small group leaders in the ministry

· Lead & attend all college programming and events

· Select content & teach in the college age ministry

· Evaluate & regulate all components of the college ministry

· Initiate & implement local outreach

Time Investment: 40+ hours weekly

Ministry Specific Prerequisites:

· Bachelor’s degree or higher

· Desire to attend and graduate from seminary

· Personal or professional experience with students or families

· Personal or professional experience in leadership

· Calling to ministry