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Olive Branch - Worship Pastor

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Olive Branch began humbly in 1989 in a barn in Norco CA. Since it's founding by pastor Ike Riddle, we are a church that has focused on reaching the Corona-Norco Valley with the gospel, that the lives of these people may be changed for the best. We long for everyone to Love, Live and Share Christ wherever they go. While this has taken on different terms over the years, it has been the central focus which drives the church.

We have seen that vision grow as over the 30 years Olive Branch has steadily grown to a church of 1200 and has served many in the constant changing environment of Southern California. We have sought through the years for people to love Christ through 1-1 discipleship that began early on, through the development of our Pre-6th grade Academy, the growth of small groups which in the last 15 years has grown to over 80% of the church participating, and now a discipleship track and future hopes for deeper education at OBU.

To aid people to live for Christ, Olive Branch has constantly given people a place to use their time, talents and treasures. Over the years we've connected in the local community, and provided people chances to visit in jails, chaplain at hospitals, help clean up distressed homes through our James Projects, be involved in plays, concerts and care for homeless, welfare and foster kids through Care Portal. We continue to disciple people to see how God can use their whole life for him through our Keystones next step pathway where we teach people live for Christ online, at home, at work or wherever they go.

To aid people in sharing Christ, Olive Branch has been focused early on with invitational ministry. We believe what we present on our weekend services is attractive and welcoming to our friends and neighbors. We help people to learn how to invite, how to give the gospel and to be confident in how to answer objections. It is through our varied means of outreach we connect with different groups to introduce them to Christ


Greg Harris has served as the Senior Pastor of Olive Branch for 14 years. Prior to that he served on the OB staff as the youth pastor for 6 years. Pastor Greg attended Biola University where he received his degree in Biblical Studies. He continued his education through Talbot Theological Seminary where he earned his MDiv. Pastor Greg is a future-focused leader with a strategic vision yet does not concern himself with digging into the "weeds" of details. He is a theologically driven pastor who is committed to helping people develop a holistic Christian worldview. Greg is a collaborative leader who enjoys creative arts, music, writing and is also a worship leader. He has a very high regard for the content and quality of the worship experience and places a high priority on seeing the worship service be participative, theologically truthful and distaction free.



Currently, Olive Branch offers 3 weekend gatherings over Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This COVID season has caused them to think outside of the box in order to reach the people in their community. Saturday evening features a "drive-in" style service with a more acoustic driven music experience and live teaching. Sunday morning features an outdoor service in their courtyard with a more expanded team and live teaching. Following this is a more standard indoor service featuring a full modern band with production and live teaching. Of course, Olive Branch looks forward to the day when gatherings will all move back into their worship auditorium. However, until that happens they remain committed to serving their church and community with options that allow people to reengage in community together.

Corporate worship music is band-driven featuring music in the style of Elevation, Passion, Bethel & Hillsong along with reimagined modern hymn arrangements from time to time. 2-3 vocalists (including the worship leader) fill the front of the stage and lead the congregation in Jesus-centered worship. Olive Branch’s band setup is generally comprised of: guitars, keys, bass, and drums. The team plays to a click track and loops/stems. They place a high value on Biblically grounded and participative music to engage the mind, heart, and story of those who attend. They also strongly believe in empowering others, team based worship leadership on the stage, and discipling their teams towards spiritual leadership.

The Worship Arts Pastor will bring pastoral and visionary leadership to all areas of worship, production and creativity including: music, tech, service directors/producers, video production and communications. The Worship Arts Director will serve as the lead worship leader, bringing musical, technical and spiritual oversight to the worship ministry. Developing a team of servant worship leaders to step into the role of shared musical leadership is also expected. This person will possess strong instrumental and vocal skills, as well as the ability to lead a band. They must have a working knowledge of creating and incorporating multitracks with click into the live worship experience. They will be a recruiter and team builder who creates pathways for people to serve and grow as the bench needs to be deepened and strengthened.

Pastor Greg believes in an Ephesians 4 approach to ministry by empowering and releasing people to use their gifts while fostering an environment where a collaborative approach is taken to creatively develop weekend services and events. The Worship Arts Pastor will be a ministry partner to Greg connecting with his leadership style and ministry philosophy to reach their community for Jesus.  

The Worship Arts Pastor must have proven experience building teams as well as pastoring and developing volunteers. They must be able to serve in an authentic, multi-generational, and disciple-making setting that represents the mission and interests of Olive Branch and its philosophy of ministry. This new leader's commitment to making disciples and spiritually engaging their own team is expected. They will bring pastoral leadership to not only the music team but also to a full time Technical Director, full-time Music Director, and full-time Communications Coordinator who currently serve on the Olive Branch staff.