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Orchard Hill Church - Student Pastor

Job description

In the 1980's, a handful of people responded to the many around them who were without a church home - the people who thought that God had no relevance in their world. The founders made a commitment to look at church from a new perspective and wanted to connect people who had become disillusioned with church to the truth of God's love.

As a result, these people chose to invest their lives to develop a contemporary biblical community in a modern-day world, a community that would be relevant in today's culture while teaching the timeless truths of the Bible. This community began with 54 founding members who built far more than a structure. They began a new kind of church. On May 6, 1989, over 400 people attended the opening of Orchard Hill Church.

Today, over 3,000 people call Orchard Hill their church home. A second location is open in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh and a third location in Butler County. Through ministries for adults, students, and kids, this is a place to discover the Bible on your own level and at your own pace. Through a commitment to community and Life Groups, Orchard Hill is a place where you can connect with others in a way that is comfortable for you. No matter what you believe about God or what you think about church, you are welcome here.

The purpose of Orchard Hill Church remains the same - to present the message of Jesus Christ and His grace that brings about transformation from the inside out. The story will be told in the changed lives of people.

Orchard Hill has a strong foundation in the North Pittsburgh community and our Wexford campus. Our Senior Pastor, Kurt Bjorklund, has been here for over 15 years and there has been stability and growth throughout his time here. Over the last several years, the church has launched multi-site campuses in the Strip District (near downtown Pittsburgh) and in Butler (a smaller town 40 minutes north of Wexford). There is a lot of opportunity for growth as we make an impact in the communities where we are currently located. We have a dedicated staff of around 50 who lead volunteers in life groups, worship, next generation ministries, and technology to help people find and follow Christ.


Vision: To be a contemporary biblical community that is culturally relevant and theologically pure

Mission: To help people find and follow Jesus Christ


1. Gospel Centered- We emphasize the radical nature of God's grace in all we do

2. Relational- We prioritize personal stories and individual connections

3. Accessible- We pursue and engage people who do not yet believe the gospel

4. Children and Students- We invest in the next generation

5. Excellence- We pursue excellence in all we do



Connecting the realities of life and the truth of God’s amazing love.

Student ministry is about helping students understand who they are by helping them first understand whose they are. We do this in a variety of exciting ways throughout the year and hope that the foundation of their faith will be established.


Collide is a church service designed for middle schoolers in grades 6-8. Students connect with high school and adult leaders and experience God through worship, a time of learning and all out fun with friends.

Sundays, 9:30 & 11:15 am


Sunday evenings at 7:24 pm, high school students come together to share in an inviting community atmosphere complete with engaging games, student-led worship, and relevant teaching. This is designed to be an easy invite for newcomers and long time church-goers alike.

Sundays, 7:24 pm

Small Groups

Students meet in small groups every Wednesday evening during the school year. Divided by grade and gender, these groups are led by adult volunteers who care for students and invest in their lives. Groups study the Bible and talk about how they can follow Jesus in their everyday lives. Small group is the perfect way for teenagers to get connected with others and grow deeper in their understanding of and relationship with God.

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm


The student ministry puts on monthly events for students to gather and build deeper relationships. Every year the students ministry puts on a few key events such as summer camp, missions trips, retrats, KidsFest and more.


For over 30 years, this unique summer day camp has provided one incredible week-long fun-fest packed with sports, water fun, live music, and more. Open to all kids entering first through sixth grade, your camper will be a part of a small team with other kids of the same age and gender. Together, they will learn about the love of God in a fun and interactive way.

During KidsFest the youth ministry will hire 2-3 full-time interns to help train and oversee the more than 150 high school students who help run kidsfest for each of the three weeks. This is a major piece of the leadership development strategy for student ministries.


Orchard Hill is searching for a strong leader of leaders who can grow and inspire students and leaders. They will be passionate about connecting with students in their world, creating welcoming worship experiences, and growing the small group environments. They will be comfortable with producing results and taking initiative. They will support and further the vision of the church.

Gospel Centered

Everything that the student ministry does is focused on the radical nature of God's grace. This is evident in the teaching style and through intentionally walking through passages of scripture in small groups. Middle school Sunday mornings and all small groups are sermon based from the adult services.


As the Student Pastor this role will serve both middle school and high school. Serving alongside are staff members Jennette Cline who has a focus on middle school and Allyson Wagner who focuses on high school. The team currently rotates the three points of weekly communication, MS and HS speaking and writing the combined small group curriculum.

Outward Faced Drive

The student ministry must be an outward faced ministry reaching the community. The new leader should be outgoing and personable as he builds relationships at local schools and clubs and builds into students who are yet to call Orchard Hill home. Every member of the youth staff is encouraged to use “contact hours” weekly. These are hours where staff are intentional about being outside the office in contact with students. This can be taking students to coffee, coaching a sports team, or attending a students extra curricular activity.


The middle school and high school ministry meet on Wednesday nights in age specific small groups at the church. The curriculum is written by a member of the student ministry team, and follows the Sunday morning teaching from the adult service. On Sunday mornings the middle school meets during the two morning services, and the teaching is from the same passage as in the adult ministry. It is encouraged that high school students attend a Sunday morning service, and so the content for the Sunday evening high school service tends to rotate between topical and exegetical.


Orchard Hill culture is highly relational. A successful candidate will be able to convey warmth and sincerity as they cultivate relationships with students and families. It will be important that the new leader feels comfortable with children, especially during KidsFest, as well as students, parents, and community leaders.