Palos Community Church - Director of Worship & Communications

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Palos Community Church - Director of Worship & Communications

Job description


This is a pivotal time to partner with Palos Community Church in the work God is doing! With the hire of Pastor Steve three years ago, the church is in an intentional season of re-alignment and focusing efforts toward cultivating a missional heart and renewed passion for spiritual formation. Efforts are being honed in on truly showing people what life with Jesus can mean; a true renovation of the heart.

The Director of Worship and Communications will step into a community that loves each other and is growing in their widening perspective of "loving your neighbor." There is a ton of growth potential at Palos. While the position is multi-faceted, the right person who joins this team must know that the position will pivot as the church grows and is able to expand their volunteer and staff teams. 

The right leader will possess a healthy balance of navigating change with both patience and assertiveness. Change will be measured and strategic, thoughtfully vision-casted and carried out. The leader will thrive if he or she desires to identify the strengths within team members at PCC and leverage their gifts for greater kingdom impact. The position is two-fold:

1. Worship

PCC currently has two worship expressions per Sunday: one contemporary and one classic/traditional. The greatest energy of this position will go toward strong worship leadership at the contemporary service. The right leader will step in with a passion to cultivate true, authentic, passionate worship.

The classic service has established great bones to it, with a contracted pianist and organist that serve as the foundation of the music. The Director of Worship & Communications will step in and infuse this service with heart and creativity. It may at some point re-involve the choir and helping shepherd and conduct them.

2. Communications

We recognize now more than ever that an online presence for a church truly is the front door experience for someone checking out a church. PCC looks forward to the right leader being willing to invest thoughtfulness and strategy into how PCC presents itself on social media and their website. This person will keep the missional focus at the forefront when creating graphics and messaging on behalf of the church.

In the recent year, Steve's wife, Katie Sherrill has carried the mantle of volunteer worship leading every week. She has pastored the team well and led the worship team into using technologies such as in-ear monitors, click and tracks. She has led the church into the live-stream space and upping the game of their website and social media presence. Katie is eager for God's next leader to step into this role, take the baton of worship and communications and run with it!


PURPOSE: To build and lead the Worship and Communications Ministries of Palos Community.


We have a great opportunity for someone who is passionate and gifted to lead our growing contemporary worship experience, support the traditional service, and cultivate a plan of action with our communications. We’re looking for a musically-gifted, spiritually-mature, Christian to lead under the direction of the Senior Pastor.


  • Preferred bachelor’s degree. (May be waived for experience).
  • Personality Traits: Teachable, grounded, self-aware, patient, assumes the best, asks for clarity
  • Significant skill as a vocalist and guitar or piano (ie. can accompany oneself when leading worship if needed).
  • Proficient in reading and transposing music.
  • Willing to learn how to conduct a choir if needed (PCC will help resource if experience needed)..
  • Passion for recruiting and developing team members.
  • Able to relate well and work effectively with staff, musicians, tech team volunteers, congregation and the community.
  • Able to disciple, pray for, encourage, and shepherd team members.
  • Able to organize and run point on communication needs such as graphics, websites, and social media. (PCC will help resource if experience needed).
  • Able to be loyal to the vision and staff of Palos Community Church and always protect the unity of the church.
  • Able to pass initial and periodic thorough background examinations.
  • Responsibilities:

    Worship Focus: (roughly 30 hours a week)

  • Lead worship on Sundays at the contemporary service and help oversee/give guidance to the classic service.
  • Oversee and give supervision to the Worship Media Coordinator who runs point with production elements (audio/visual/lights).
  • Develop and manage the contemporary worship budget.
  • Keep current knowledge of CCLI and streaming rights for songs.
  • Use scheduling software (Planning Center Online) to schedule songs, vocalists and instrumentalists.
  • Identify, invite, mentor, and empower vocalists and musicians to be a part of the PCC worship teams.
  • As able, take key leaders to other services, conferences, and meetings that will help equip and develop their ability.
  • Organize team retreats and social events that foster community within the worship ministry.
  • Meet personally with select band members weekly outside of worship and rehearsal.
  • Maintain God ordained priorities in your life by putting Christ first, family second and ministry third.
  • View the worship ministry as a missional opportunity to invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to Palos Community Church.
  • Communications Focus: (roughly 10 hours a week)

  • Create content and graphics for the website, social media, and printable publications. (PCC will help resource if experience needed).
  • Create and implement a communications strategy that leverages social media and website content to reach people who may not have yet entered the physical front door of the church.
  • Identify, invite, mentor, and empower volunteers to be a part of the Social Media Management team and Website team.
  • Identifies and develops team members to boost the online presence of PCC (ex. volunteer graphic designers, photographers, media content producers)
  • Supports the church staff in accomplishing the church’s mission through communications.