Redeemer Arlington - Executive Pastor

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  • Arlington, United States

Redeemer Arlington - Executive Pastor

Job description

Why We Love This Opportunity

We’re honored to partner with Redeemer Church of Arlington in this search for an executive-level leader in the second-chair role of Executive Pastor. This new addition to the Redeemer staff will sit on the church’s senior leadership team, and have the privilege of helping to shape the staff culture and future strategy of the church. Not to be mistaken with a “business administration” role only, the Executive Pastor will have a mind for building ministry systems, skill in leading the church staff, and giftedness in strategic planning. This is very much a pastoral role as well, requiring an exceptionally high level of emotional intelligence, with a track record of cultivating emotional health in other leaders.

Church Description

Redeemer Church of Arlington takes authentic community very seriously. They carry the conviction that out of building church family and applying God’s word as students, they can live as servants and missionaries. Specifically, the Redeemer family lives as missionaries into the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. This is their focus and calling: seeing broken people in the DC metro transformed by the redemptive story of Jesus Christ. As such, Redeemer has 5 spiritual practices emerging from new identities in Christ: Children who Worship, Builders of Community, Students of God’s Word, Servants in Christ’s World, and Missionaries to Our City.

Redeemer sits 5 miles southwest of the White House in Washington, DC. Recently, Arlington was voted as a top 10 “best cities in the U.S. to move to” in 2020. Already home to the Pentagon, Arlington is booming as the future site of Amazon’s “HQ2.” Arlington has a population of 227,000 people, just a slice of the 6 million+ in the DC metro. The area is known for its affluence, younger population, and education: a median age of 32, median income of $112,000, and 40% of adults with graduate degrees. Approximately 28% of residents are foreign-born, with diversity from nearly every nation.

Position Description

As Redeemer heads into the future, the Executive Pastor will help lead the way into the next season of growth and expansion. The church is ripe for the development of leaders and the formation of Christian believers into spiritual maturity. This role will lead the way in building the systems for such impact. Additionally, Redeemer’s Executive Pastor will serve as an extension and support of the Lead Pastor. Specifically, Redeemer is seeking an “Aaron” alongside “Moses,” lifting the arms of the Lead Pastor as a spokesperson/mouthpiece, walking in step as a faithful brother.

The Executive Pastor is responsible for five chief spheres of leadership: Pastoral Responsibilities, including pastoral care/counseling, discipleship and preaching. Leadership of Staff and Volunteers, including professional accountability, community, planning, structure and mediation. Leadership Team, including development and implementation. Church Operations, including administration, finance, HR, and initiatives. Ministry Systems, including design, development, culture and analytics.


We exist to make disciples of Jesus who integrate life with His gospel.
Core Practices

Our church has 5 spiritual practices originating from new identities we have through the gospel. We
don’t do these things to become like Christ; we became and now we do. Through the gospel, God has
redeemed us from the identities we had at birth -- under Adam -- to new identities we have in Christ.
1. Worship

● Under Adam we worshiped ourselves and what our hands created.
● In Christ we are children who worship our Father.
2. Community

● Under Adam we sought to build altars and communities that worship ourselves.
● In Christ we are builders of His church community who live life together.
3. Word

● Under Adam we were students of false teachings and false words that perpetuated the lie that
was started in the garden.
● In Christ we are students of His word.
4. Deed

● Under Adam we sought to use our gifts, talents, time, resources in deeds that produce more for
us even at the expense of others.
● In Christ we are servants in His world, bearing good deeds in our families and churches and
being a faithful presence in our communities and vocations.
5. Mission

● Under Adam our mission was to make our name known.
● In Christ we are missionaries sent to reach our city through ordinary life with gospel
intentionality and through planting new neighborhood-based, gospel-centered churches.

We seek to go and learn to work out these values in our lives, our church and our city. We like to call this
gospel integration.


Job Description: Executive Pastor

Redeemer Church of Arlington – Arlington, VA


STATUS: Full-time Exempt, Salaried

REPORTS TO: Senior/Lead Pastor

GENERAL SUMMARY/PURPOSE: To lead the execution of the ministry and operations of Redeemer Arlington, in concert with the lead pastor. To serve as an extension and support of the lead pastor’s leadership over church vision and mission. To support as an executive, strategic thinker, architect, and implementer on the Leadership Team (e.g., pastors, elders, staff, and key volunteers). To shepherd the people of Redeemer Arlington alongside the elders and staff.

BIBLICAL PICTURE OF THIS ROLE: The Executive Pastor will be an “Aaron” alongside “Moses,” lifting the arms of the lead pastor, serving as a spokesperson/mouthpiece, and walking in step as a faithful brother (Exodus 17:12-13; 4:14-17). He will also be a faithful pastor/shepherd who follows Christ in such a way that others can seek to emulate (1 Cor 11:1) and demonstrates the qualifications of eldership (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).


  • ● Has a track record of spiritual maturity and character consistent with the biblical requirements for pastoral leadership and eldership.
  • Is known for his love for Christ, the Gospel, and people, demonstrates the Fruit of the Spirit, continuous growth in his faith, and commitment to spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, prayer and rest.
  • Deeply resonates and agrees with the mission, vision, values, and doctrinal statement of Redeemer Arlington.
  • ● Possesses the gift and reputation of extraordinary emotional intelligence and the skills necessary to cultivate spiritual and emotional health in leaders around him.
  • Has expertise in developing ministry strategy and vision development consistent with the needs of Redeemer Arlington’s future initiatives.
  • Has a proven track record of developing, implementing, and managing church ministries and systems to enable healthy, sustainable church growth
  • Has proven track record of steering ministry personnel and budgets in church staffing environments.
  • ● Has a minimum 5 years’ experience as a full-time pastor at a church of more than 500 average weekly attendance, with a track record of leading pastors, volunteers, and ministries through healthy ministry growth and progress.
  • ● Received education and training that has equipped him for vocational ministry in a fast-paced ministry context. Preferred minimum of bachelor’s degree or higher in ministry concentration.
    • Provide pastoral care and counseling to members
  • Actively disciple members of Redeemer
  • Integrated in the community of Redeemer, including an active participant in a Community Group and Sunday Gatherings
  • Preach 2-4x per year
    • Lead the church staff to create a cohesive unit fully-engaged in ministry and building the Kingdom, reducing isolation, and bringing all areas together to live out Redeemer’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Hold staff and key volunteers accountable for tasks, deadlines, and behavior, including providing performance feedback to keep them on mission.
  • Lead staff meetings and collaborates with Senior Pastor for direction.
  • Assist the lead pastor, elders, and staff in goal-setting, planning, prioritizing, and ministry implementation.
  • Make recommendations on what staff structure best allows our church to achieve the mission and mission.
  • Facilitate conflict resolution, mediation, and related needs between leaders.
    • Work directly with the lead pastor, elders, and key volunteers as an executive strategic thinker, architect, and implementer on the Leadership Team of Redeemer Arlington.
  • Develop, implement, and execute a strategic plan consistent with the vision established by Redeemer's Leadership Team.
    • Oversee all administration and operations of the church.
  • Develop and manage all areas of finance, budget, and church policies and procedures.
  • Oversee personnel, staffing, and human resources.
  • Oversee strategic initiatives such as church planting and pastoral residencies.
  • Lead or oversee major church-wide programs/ministries, such as Community Groups, community outreach, mercy ministry, and discipleship programs.
    • Design, develop, and implement ministry systems and processes that facilitate church growth, spiritual maturity of members, and sustainable leadership roles.
  • Develop and oversee the process for deacon and volunteer recruitment, training, coaching, and ongoing oversight.
  • Develop a Leadership Development Strategy and culture that facilitates organizational health, a steady pipeline of maturing leaders, numerical growth, and clear lines of communication, recruiting and training, support, accountability, encouragement, and recognition of volunteers.
  • Develop and incorporate analytics to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of church initiatives and operations.


Updated February 13, 2020