Riverbend Church - Student Pastor - Austin, TX

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Riverbend Church - Student Pastor - Austin, TX

Job description

Riverbend Church is a grace-filled non-denominational community in Austin, Texas with roughly 1,800 (pre-COVID) meeting on one beautiful campus. They highly value creativity, community, and truly meeting people where they're at. Riverbend exists to serve the bruised, battered, broken, and bored, and they are a church that prides themselves in making those who are far from God feel welcome. They are looking for an experienced pastor to bring fresh vision and momentum to the Student Ministry (6-12 grade) as part of the overall Family Ministry strategy.

Stepping onto Riverbend's campus, you are immediately struck by the beauty of the setting and the warmth of the people. Riverbend welcomes everyone, regardless of where they are in their life or faith journey, and it immediately sets you at ease as you settle into a seat in their gorgeous auditorium. The creativity and artistic nature of the church culture is seen at every turn, and it's hard to leave without feeling inspired in some way.

The Student Pastor will have the opportunity to totally rebuild the Middle and High School ministries with fresh vision. Incredible facilities are already in place, and a number of dedicated leaders are ready and waiting to fall under a high capacity leader. Riverbend truly values ministry to the next generation, and the new Student Pastor will be resourced to make a huge impact in the lives of teens in Austin.


This position oversees the staff and programs for middle and high school students. We want to see students energized and rallied behind a vision to reach their friends for Jesus. There has been dysfunction and turnover in the student staff over the last few years (the root of the issue has been dealt with and we're ready with a clean slate), but the effect on students has been pretty severe. Older students have checked out, and the students still hanging around are hesitant to trust and are fairly unmotivated. They are just waiting for a dynamic leader to breathe fresh life into the ministry and cast a compelling vision for them to rally behind. Here's a snapshot of the current situation:

  • Students have an amazing facility and are well resourced to explode with growth
  • The student ministry is a total rebuild, being maintained right now by an interim pastor and a young associate
  • The Student Ministry hasn't been more than 100 students in years, which is fairly small for a 2,000 person church. We are looking for someone who knows how to build teams and grow a ministry
  • There are currently 40-60 middle and high school students attending on a weekend, along with a core of students involved in the worship team and other student leadership roles
  • Riverbend has a robust urban ministry with numerous serving opportunities on any given week. We would love to see increased student involvement in these ministries

  • The Position - What we are looking for:

    We are looking for an experienced Student Pastor who can rally students and volunteers, cast a compelling vision, and embody the culture and values of Riverbend.

  • A track record of healthy team building, recruiting, and overall leadership
  • A people-magnet that students and adult volunteers simply want to be around
  • Passion for the broken and a willingness to engage with people no matter where they're at in their faith journey
  • The ability to respond with grace in the messy and "gray" areas of life by welcoming those who think/live/believe differently than you