RiverTree Christian Church - Worship Pastor

  • Experience (Worship)
  • Massillon, United States

RiverTree Christian Church - Worship Pastor

Job description

What would a strong candidate look like?

A great foundation has been laid for the Worship Pastor thrive. There is a large team of talented musicians and vocalists that are ready to grow and take the team to the next level.

A strong candidate for this position:

  • Passionate Lead Worshiper: Leads people in worship by being a worshiper first.
  • Develops teams: Developing the worship team to be authentic and fully engaged on the platform. Coach and develop the production teams to take their production to the next level.
  • Raises up the next generation: Identify and cultivate new vocalists and instrumentalists and give them opportunities to grow and thrive.
  • Shepherd: Has a heart for people and a passion to create powerful worship moments and services to help people take next steps towards Jesus.
  • Team Player: Thrives in a collaborative environment, and has a "we" not "me" ministry approach.

  • What makes this a great opportunity?

  • Opportunity to Build: The culture of RiverTree Jackson provides a ton of room to dream, innovate, try, and fail.
  • Great Supporting Team: There are all-star production and video leaders already in place that will report to the Worship Pastor.
  • Worship Setup: There is an excellent foundation setup for the technology and space.
  • Highly Relational Team: The culture of the staff at RiverTree is highly relational. The team is excited for the new Worship Pastor to join the team and welcome them into the family!
  • Community & Schools: The community around RiverTree Jackson has something for everyone. Within a short drive, you can access city life with great restaurants and parks, or you can retreat to a quiet rural setting. Have kids? The schools around RiverTree Jackson are the best in the area as well!


    Full-Time 40+ hrs/week
    Reports to: Jackson Campus Pastor
 | Coach: Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Care
    Position Supervises: Audio Engineer and Video Director

    Position Summary
    ​The Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts (PWCA) helps RiverTree Jackson implement two of its key values—living supernaturally and inspiring through weekend gatherings—by leading teams that create and execute spirit-led worship gatherings, including weekend worship services, nights of worship, and special events. The PWCA will collaborate closely with the Jackson Campus Pastor to ensure that music and creative arts are implemented into all worship gatherings in a way that enables people to encounter the Holy Spirit and to be inspired to participate in the God Dream, RiverTree’s vision for bringing new life to the community.



  • Lead teams that execute Spirit-led worship gatherings with excellence (45%)
  • Passionately and professionally lead worship at 60-80% of weekend gatherings in a way that facilitates a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit
  • Sustain a strong discipleship culture with the individual members of the worship team through mentoring, coaching, teaching, and investing relationally in their lives.
  • Creatively envision, plan and lead special worship opportunities, including nights of worship, baptism weekends, holiday services, and unique communion services.
  • Maintain the song selection system in place and add new songs quarterly
  • Effectively administrate a volunteer/team scheduling process
  • Continually build the team by recruiting new members through auditions, developing leaders, and increasing the teams worship skills.
  • Lead teams that employ creative arts to design inspiring, Spirit-led worship gatherings (30%)
  • Collaborate with Jackson Campus Pastor to develop a process and team that creatively plans all elements of weekend worship gatherings.
  • Ensure that all creative elements of the weekend worship gatherings are executed with a high level of excellence.
  • Establish a philosophy of worship and celebration that is conducive to the presence of the Holy Spirits, fits the context of RiverTree Jackson, and reflects the voice of both the PWCA and the Jackson Campus Pastor.
  • Develop a culture in which creative arts can flourish at RiverTree Jackson (25%)
  • Develop, cast vision for, and lead RiverTree Worship, a song writing, recording, and producing team that publishes new music for use at RiverTree and beyond.
  • Explore the use of other creative arts at weekend gatherings and through other venues, seeking to introduce new experiences while also aligning to the God Dream and to the culture of RiverTree Jackson.
  • Work with staff and lay leaders to market and release creative art projects, as possible.


    The Worship Leader is the team leader for the following RiverTree employees:

  • Audio Engineer
  • Video Director


    The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts is responsible for setting and managing the annual budgets for the following areas, with approval from the Jackson Campus Pastor:

  • Worship Team
  • Tech Team
  • Creative Team
  • Stage Design

  • As the manager of the budgets for the above ministry areas, the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts shall:

  • Submit a proposed budget for each area to the Jackson Campus Pastor by August 15 of each year. The proposed budget should align to the overall vision to the Jackson campus and is subject to the approval of the Jackson Campus Pastor.
  • Work with the Jackson Campus Pastor to revise proposed budgets as needed.
  • Submit a final budget request by October 15 of each year.
  • Review the approved budget on a quarterly basis and adjust as needed.
  • Hold all direct reports and ministry teams accountable to staying within the limitations of approved budget.
  • The established budgets for the above areas should align to the overall vision of the Jackson campus and are subject to the approval of the Jackson Campus pastor.


  • Character: A strong character and maturity in Christ
  • Biblical Knowledge: Be rooted and grounded in scripture and able to interpret and apply the scriptures in ways that are appropriate to various contexts.
  • High EQ: Strong interpersonal skills & the ability to relate to and work with a wide variety of people
  • Relationships: Uses appropriate interpersonal skills to work effectively with others in the church and in the community; interacts with others in a personable, honest, genuine, and collaborative manner; builds coalitions and partnerships to enhance effectiveness.
  • Communication: Clearly conveys and receives information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the listener, helps them understand and retain the message. The experience and/or ability to utilize Planning Center to communicate with volunteers in regards to schedules, chord charts, service orders, etc.
  • Team Leadership: Communicates a vision and inspires motivation; engages with others (direct-reports and peers) in team process to solve problems; works to find a win/win resolution of differences; is aware of how management style impacts staff productivity and development; modifies leadership style to meet situational requirements; helps team stay focused on major goals while managing within a context of multiple directives.
  • Builder: Provides challenging and stretching tasks and assignments; holds frequent development discussions; is aware of each team member’s career goals; constructs compelling development plans and executes them; encourages team members to accept developmental moves; is a people builder.
  • Analytical: Able to think through all facets of an issue, problem, or situation, particularly with financial/budget data, trends, projections in order to recommend a course of action.
  • Entrepreneurial: Creative and pioneering leadership with the ability to inspire toward a shared vision
  • Speaking: Strong public speaking skills for weekend services and team events
  • Faithfulness: Demonstrates a vibrant and compelling relationship with God in Christ; responds to the power of the Holy Spirit in daily life; is obedient to Christ’s mission to go and make disciples.
  • Action-Oriented: Has the energy to complete challenging tasks, not fearful of acting with minimum of planning, seizes opportunities
  • Approachability: Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; builds rapport well, is a good listener; an early knower, getting informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it
  • Musical Excellence: Has musical skills vocally, on 1 or more instruments, and in band communication (transposition, Nashville numbers system, arranging, etc.)
  • Music Production: Has the ability to play with and/or produce click tracks when necessary; along with a thorough knowledge of recording and producing music.
  • Authentic: Has the ability to be themselves and be confident and humble in who GOD has made them to be. People will follow genuine over polish.
  • Have Fun: Has the ability to work hard and play hard with some amazing team mates.


  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Walking or moving about to accomplish tasks
  • Talking/Hearing to teach or communicate with those inside or outside of the church
  • Light work; may need to lift up to 20 pounds
  • Close visual acuity to perform activities such as preparing and analyzing data and figures or viewing a terminal


  • The position may require some evening hours and a limited amount of travel to retreats, conferences, trainings, and other church-related events.
  • The position requires 5-6 hours of work Sunday mornings (with exception for approved time off by Jackson Campus Pastor).
  • The position requires creative or technical assistance for other special events taking place occasionally on site (weddings, funerals, concerts, etc.)
  • The position allows for the employee to work out of the office as needed, but requires presence at the campus at least 50% of the time.