Salty Church - New Smyrna Campus Worship Leader

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  • New Smyrna Beach, United States

Salty Church - New Smyrna Campus Worship Leader

Job description



The New Smyrna Campus Worship Leader will be responsible for leading worship and leading the worship team at this campus. This includes developing musicians, recruiting, stewarding the Salty worship culture, and leading authentic, engaging worship.

Worship Pastor Job Profile

Capabilities, Characteristics, & Key Qualities:

  • Deep devotion to God and love for His Word
  • Private worship drives public worship
  • Gifted (collaborative) leadership skills (on and off the platform) - Proven leader/ministry leader. Genuine love for people and concern for the spiritual well being and discipling of the team.
  • Effective architect of corporate gathering experiences that engage and connect people in meaningful worship
  • Value for perspectives and feedback of others
  • Embraces healthy evaluation
  • Skilled at biblical conflict resolution
  • Articulate (able to communicate well on the platform)
  • Able to create an atmosphere of worship using words and prayer that engages and draws people into a place of personal worship
  • Humble attitude
  • Innovative and creative
  • Quick (and life-long) learner
  • High musical competency
  • High degree of emotional intelligence
  • Able to be highly engaging as a worship leader
  • Able to attract others to the worship ministry and cast vision
  • Able to develop a team-oriented culture through training, mentoring and teaching
  • Willing to engage with others in accountable relationship
  • Theologically and doctrinally aligned with Salty

  • Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership to the New Smyrna Campus Worship team
  • Influence the overall worship culture
  • Lead the design of worship services at the NSB campus
  • Facilitate creativity by providing an ideas-oriented environment
  • Lead team at a realistic pace allowing for each other’s personal best
  • Function as primary worship leader for weekend services
  • Shepherd the worship ministry volunteers
  • Communicate with key people with clarity and in a timely manner
  • Deliver expectations of others in the creative process in a timely manner
  • Meet regularly with Campus Pastor and others involved in leadership relevant to worship services and special events
  • Rehearse band and vocals for worship services

  • Other Responsibilities

  • Work with other key leaders to develop and execute the discipleship vision of Salty Church
  • Recruit volunteers and build multiple teams with the capacity to fulfill the vision and dreams of ministry
  • Develop current musicians to realize their God given potential
  • Develop strategic plans for the department in alignment with the overall church mission, vision, values and strategies
  • Oversee creation and implementation of the NSB Campus Worship budget
  • Fine Details

    There is freedom and flexibility of when work is accomplished. The standard is 4 office days per week, plus attended weekend worship services. The day off is also flexible, but most of the team is either off on Monday or Friday.


    Total compensation negotiable based on experience and education

    Entire package may be proportioned to accommodate the needs of person (salary, retirement, or health insurance)



    Salty Church is Passionately Externally focused, with high value on reaching new people with the message of Rescue. Each weekend more than 1700 souls gather to worship together, make connections and hear a gospel-centered message. At each campus, there's a unique expression of the clear goal to rescue and empower. Each space is different from the next, many locations utilizing existing local facilities that make it easy for people to find them, plenty of parking, and room for services and children's environments.

    About an hour long, each service contains vibrant worship, with modern/current tunes from Hillsong, Elevation, and other recognizable and Jesus-centered lyrics. There are opportunities to take communion, Connect with other attenders, and learn more about what Salty has to offer. Robbie's messages are high on biblical story, clear principles, and applicable learnings.


    Salty Church is looking for a strong Worship Leader for the New Smyrna Beach Campus. Prior to Covid, this campus was running 150 strong and is a tight knit community. Austin is the Campus Pastor and his filled with vision for this campus and is excited about partnering with a new worship leader. The New Smyrna Beach area is a beautiful beach community. It’s a down to earth, laid back culture with a tremendous need for the Gospel.

    The main priorities for the New Smyrna Campus Worship Leader are leading worship as part of the Salty worship culture. That includes modern worship, high energy, engaging people, and a heart to invite guests into the experience. It’s important for this worship leader to shepherd and lead their team of volunteers through discipleship, recruiting, and training the musicians and singers to rise to the next level. The New Smyrna Campus Worship Leader will also be a part of working with and collaborating with the Worship Leaders across all Salty Church campuses. This is a thriving church with a great team that is building something special.