The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection - Executive Director of Experience

  • Experience (Communications)
  • Kansas City, United States

The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection - Executive Director of Experience

Job description

The Executive Director – Resurrection Experience is the church’s foremost leader in developing the church’s end-to-end Resurrection Experience (RX) by guiding and overseeing person-centric engagement strategies to reach non-religious and nominally religious people and support their journeys toward becoming deeply committed Christians. As a member of the Executive Team, this position partners with the church’s Senior Pastor and executive team members to steer the church and evolve its vision and strategies, as well as provide overall executive leadership while setting the tone of a positive work environment.


In 1990, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection was the vision of a 25-year-old pastor who had bold dreams of reaching non-religious and nominally religious people in southern Kansas City. The church made its first home in the small chapel of a local funeral home. As a small team of leaders gathered to plan the launch of this new church, they shared hope that this church would become a place where people would discover Christian faith, grow spiritually, and be used by God to transform Kansas City. These leaders settled on what would become the church’s name, “The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection,” which points to the resurrection hope, both in this life and the next.

A lot has changed over the church’s 30 years. Resurrection is now the largest United Methodist church in the United States and among the most influential churches in mainline Christianity. The congregation now has 24,000 active members, with worship services held online (starting in 2009) and at five locations across the Kansas City area in Leawood (1990), Western Johnson County (2006), Downtown (2009), Blue Springs (2010) and Overland Park (2019).

What has not changed over the years is the church’s passion, which compelled its early growth. The church’s outreach is strong, now reaching people across the Kansas City area and beyond. From the beginning, the church’s purpose statement, “to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally-religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians” captures the heart of the church’s vision. More than a thousand new people will join the church this year, with the majority of these being non-religious or nominally religious individuals.

As a congregation, Church of the Resurrection is known for being rooted in orthodox faith, liberal in spirit, passionate, and devoted to Christ. The church welcomes all people, and is willing to address injustices, polarization, division and poverty. As “people of the book,” the church believes the Bible to be inspired by God and all are encouraged to carefully study, examine, and live by its words. The church brings together personal and social holiness – inviting people to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping them to live out their faith by being engaged in the important issues of our day and seeking to close the gap between the world as it is today and how it could be, so that our community looks more like what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of God.

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Rev. Adam Hamilton is the church's founding pastor. Adam is a gifted preacher and leader who started the church at 25 years of age and has successfully done what few pastors can by adapting from a start-up church planter to the leader of a large, complex, multi-campus church. He is among the most influential of mainline church leaders and the author of more than 25 books that address the spiritual life, Christian ethics, and Scriptural interpretation. He is known as a bridge-builder and one of the foremost and respected civic leaders in the Kansas City area.

Pastors in the UMC are ordained by a larger (usually multi-state) body, and then appointed to a local church. 23 of these pastors serve on the church’s team. The Church Council is the highest oversight committee at Resurrection, with separate committees for Finance, Trustees, Personnel (Staff-Parish Relations), Nominations and Foundation.

Specifically, this new hire will report to Dan Entwistle, who has served at Resurrection for 28 years and currently serves as the Senior Executive Director.


Essential Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Lead the Experience division. 
  • Ensure the church’s ministries, operations and congregants are supported with creative resources and centralized project, event, and care support.
  • Provide strategic planning and visioning, regularly evaluating processes and congregational engagement.
  • Lead, mentor and provide direction to staff members who are direct reports. This includes ministry assessment and performance evaluation, goal setting, mentoring, spiritual encouragement, support, and conflict resolution.
  • Provide oversight and stewardship of the Divisional budget and operational resources and ensure adherence with church policies and standard practices.
  • Partner with the church’s Senior Pastor and executive team members to steer the church and evolve its vision and strategies, as well as provide overall executive leadership – guiding the organization to functioning at maximum effectiveness in fulfilling its purpose.
  • Support the work of the Experience Division by resolving complex challenges, leading projects, promoting ministry excellence and addressing conflicts and issues of misalignment or integrity.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Follow Jesus and engage in the “five essential practices” of the Christian life: worship, study, serve, give, and share.
  • Support the church’s purpose of “building a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people become deeply committed Christians.”
  • Exemplify the church’s values and support its theological direction as a United Methodist Church.


  • Adapting – remains flexible and modifies behaviors quickly to help the church meet the dynamic needs of congregants and employees. 
  • Catalyzing Growth – overcomes inertia by discovering new solutions and casting vision for innovation that will elevate the church’s effectiveness.
  • Collaborating – shares knowledge, builds partnerships and promotes a culture of thinking from the users’ perspective while working across divisions to meet shared goals and objectives.
  • Designing Creative Arts– expresses or fosters creative and aesthetic design – visual, auditory, or tactile.
  • Innovating – provides new solutions that will elevate the church’s effectiveness.
  • Improving Systems – configures organizational systems, structures, and processes for greater effectiveness.
  • Leading Change – promotes, champions, and enables changes and helps bring others along in the process.
  • Prioritizing Individual Experiences – views the church in the perspective of the experience of the individual, and ensures others are committed to a person-centric approach. 


  • Minimum 10 years of management/leadership experience
  • Proven results in church leadership, innovation, publishing and/or creative communications
  • An articulate understanding of the Christian theology 
  • Highly relational, personable, gracious, humble, encouraging, and approachable