Twin City Bible Church - Worship & Outreach Pastor

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Twin City Bible Church - Worship & Outreach Pastor

Job description

When the Sunday morning worship set includes an American praise song translated into Mandarin Chinese and taught to the congregation or a chorus is sung in Spanish, you know this is a church with a heart for the global church. University of Illinois is home to over ten THOUSAND international students from more than 110 countries, sent there from home countries to learn at the university. TCBC sees the strategic opportunity to reach and equip the world that comes to its doorstep. In some of these home countries quite often it might be illegal to teach and preach the things these students learn every Sunday just by walking across the street to TCBC.

When the Sunday morning includes singing the newest praise music and classic hymns accompanied by organ, you know there are all generations and backgrounds who have found a home at TCBC. As the church strives to reflect the diversity of U of I and Champaign-Urbana it means it needs a Worship & Outreach Pastor who can easily and passionately move amongst all these people groups and help them take their next step from where they've come to where Jesus is.

If you aren't passionate and skilled at engaging with high-level learners, thinkers and achievers, accomplished at interacting with them at their level and from that space leading them towards biblical truth, this will probably not be the church for you. If, however, higher learning is a platform from which you step out to invite others towards Jesus and you are invigorated by helping intellectuals come to a reasoned conclusion of the wonder of the cross, then this is exactly the type of church where you will flourish. The congregation and leadership teams of TCBC are replete with sharp, experienced, insightful people who desire leaders with whom they can relate and dialogue. This is a significant distinctive of the demographic at TCBC and the right leader will be drawn by both, a) personality and, b) life experience towards this type of individual.


The worship ministry at TCBC is unique. The team uses modern songs, rich hymns, and diverse instrumentation to engage a diverse congregation of both age, race, and nationality. There is a large team of instrumentalists and singers enough to make two teams. While most weeks use some combination of a typical band, there are options in instrumentation such as flute, sax, accordion and others.

There is also a rotation of capable worship leaders. The service is not necessarily liturgical but does nod towards the historic church with elements of a call to worship, scripture reading and response. An emphasis is placed on congregational engagement vs a produced performance.

There is also a rotation of volunteers in the production ministry who execute the audio, video and streaming portions of the service. There has been a great effort put in to engage both online and in person and to ensure unity during this COVID era. This is a church that is multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational and tries to engage all in worship. The team has had quarterly gatherings to promote community (pre-covid) and are anxious to get back to this as they can once again gather. The right candidate will be one who has a producer/arranger mindset to arrange the right people at the right time to do the ministry. TCBC is not looking for the worship leader who desires to lead every song.


The outreach ministry is the second hat that the next staff leader will need to wear. While the worship ministry is “built but needs organization and equipping,” the outreach ministry should be considered more aspirational. The church is looking for one who has the vision to mobilize people, get church-wide engagement in evangelism, and buy-in and help others see the campus as the mission.

The worship ministry will be 70% of the position at the beginning, but as a rhythm is established a more balanced approached is anticipated.

The right candidate will be:

// producer/arranger mindset

// a trained musician and comfortable in a highly educated context

// a team builder and equipper

// one who can build systems and processes for planning