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Valley Church - High School Pastor

Job description

Their Story

Valley Church is an influential, mission-centered church in the heart of West Des Moines. Valley Church started in 1990, when 3 couples began meeting. Quintin Stieff soon became the Church-Planting Pastor. Living out a desire to do good works, to build good will, to share good news, the church has grown to 2200+ weekly attenders with a $5.6 million budget. In 2000 the church constructed their current 70,000 sq. ft. facility and they now host six weekly worship services and countless ministry activities during the week. In 2013 they opened the Valley Community Center as a gift to the community. They seek to create good will in the community through good works and partnership, to reach diverse groups, and ultimately to impact as many as possible in the Des Moines area.

The Valley Community Center anchors a 35-acre campus across the street from the church and welcomes more than 150,000 community guests annually. The church has a unyielding passion to love their community, as evidenced by the over 8,000 participants in Love You Des Moines Days, a signature series of events that demonstrates their deep love for their neighbors.

Quick Facts:

· 4,000 people call Valley Church their church home

· Average weekly attendance is 2,000

· They belong to the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) denomination

Who We Are (High School Ministry)

  • Sunday Morning Discipleship Programming (9:30-10:45am)
  • Sunday Evening Outreach Focused Gatherings (6-8pm)
  • Student leadership in Sunday morning Children's Ministry
  • Youth outreach events (5th Quarter, water-wars, etc.)
  • Service projects
  • Annual and semi-annual retreats, conferences and missions

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    What's Needed

    Valley Church is looking for a team player with creative energy to partner with the student ministry leadership team that will reach the youth and their families. The Lead Associate (High School Pastor) will work closely with other paid staff and the volunteers in the student ministry areas to not only reach, but then disciple the teens so that the impact is felt in West Des Moines, the surrounding communities and then beyond! The high school ministry spans the grades of 9 to 12.

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    The Foundation

    The church has a solid history of ministry to students. Successive Student Pastors have provided a great foundation to build on. The church is striving to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and grow the church through conversion growth, disciple making and reaching the surrounding communities through relationships.

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    Leadership Matters

    The high school ministry is supported by a several faithful volunteers who assist with the high school students.

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    What they say about who they are...

    We major on the majors. This means we hold tightly to core theological convictions (authority of Scripture, divinity of Jesus, salvation based on grace, etc.) while allowing for a variety of opinions in non-major issues (worship style, Calvinism vs. Arminianism, end times, etc.)
    We love our community. We believe God has called us to love the people of West Des Moines in simple, tangible ways. Outreach is not delegated to one ministry area of our church-it is embedded into every ministry.
    We mobilize our people to share Good News. We desire for everyone at Valley Church to intentionally invest in at least one non-believer on a regular basis, following a method called 3D1: Develop Friendships, Discover Stories, Discern Next Steps.
    We develop volunteer leaders. We believe God has called us to reach 500,000 people in the Des Moines over the next 15 years. That’s a bold faith move that will require the mobilization of countless volunteers from Valley Church. Our vision is bigger than our paid staff. Paid staff are responsible for building volunteer teams to accomplish ministry.
    We value relationships. Relationships are more important than programming and single personalities. We value strong up-front communicators and good planning but paid staff are first expected to build relationships with students, volunteers, and parents.
    We care about students AND parents. When parents win, students win. We partner with parents throughout the year with programs, one-on-one meetings, and a weekly parent podcast.




    Though the high school ministry (HSM) is very stable, the ministry has undergone paid staff leadership changes consistently over the last few years. Brandon Early (Christian Life Pastor) remains at Valley but moved out of direct high school ministry a handful of years ago and the outgoing High School Pastor was on staff for less than three years. Because trust is built, it is important the new leader take time to relationally connect with students and the stellar volunteer team. It is the hope of Valley leadership that the new High School Pastor desires to shepherd this ministry for a long season of ministry.


    It goes without saying that leading in a time of a pandemic is a different challenge than anyone could have anticipated. However, Valley Church sees this is a unique opportunity to try new things, stretch what has been done and implement strategies that will work for both an online and in-person approach to ministry.

    HSM has been meeting in-person since early June but with an ever-changing landscape, the ministry must remain nimble enough to be ready to change at a moments notice.


    Students enter High School Ministry with great class-wide connections among peers. Those friendships and connections seem to dissipate as a class of students progresses throughout high school. Student involvement generally drops off as students get older and busier. It is the hope that the new leader at HSM will work with the leadership to implement new ways to keep students engaged with the church, connected through relationships and empowered to lead others as students mature through the high school years.


    Valley's leadreship expressed a desire to see students mobilized to impact non-believing friends and classmates. Valley is is passionate about loving their community, but students tend to be insecure and uncomfortable with reaching out to unchurched students. Students find it easy to stay in a bubble with their churched friends. The new leader should view this opportunity as a wonderful challenge to mobilize students to live missionally as a representative of Jesus Christ every day.

    The church runs the Valley Community Center as part of their property. This state-of-the-art building is used by the community and is a fantastic venue for Student Ministry events.

    Job Description

    The High School Ministry Lead Associate is responsible for directing the spiritual formation process of the High School Ministry (9th-12th grades).


    - A wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ and Valley Church

    - In agreement with and enthusiasm toward our vision and core values

    - Strong communication abilities

    - A very positive influence in the church and community

    - Good conflict resolution skills

    - A track record of active ministry involvement

    - Leading others in a positive way

    - Humility, teachability, loyalty and personal holiness are of utmost importance


    - Understand that our first calling is to serve the whole church, followed by serving in our specific ministry area.

    - Work with the Student Ministries team, partnering in creating a scope and sequence.

    - Plan, organize and execute a small group ministry.

    - Plan, organize, and execute a Sunday morning large group ministry.

    - Consistently connect with students and parents at church and beyond

    - Be the main communicator for High School Ministry.

    - Recruit, train, and meet with volunteers.

    - Plan/execute budget

    Compensation: Full-time, annual salary (based upon experience, credentials, etc.). Exempt status. Benefits include group health insurance, paid vacations, etc. Refer to Personnel Policies for details.