Valley Real Life - Middle School Pastor

  • NextGen (Students)
  • Spokene Valley, United States

Valley Real Life - Middle School Pastor

Job description


Valley Real Life (VRL) is an independent, non-denominational church that was founded in 2003. It was formed as a church plant from Real Life Ministries (RLM) in Post Falls, Idaho. On September 7, 2003, a group of 125 families who attended RLM but lived in the Spokane Valley began holding weekly services in Central Valley High School.

As the church grew, the mobile model of church became increasingly difficult. They purchased property in 2006 and on September 14, 2008 the first services in their current location.

Valley Real Life Church is the largest multi-generational church in the Valley that guides and journeys in relationship with imperfect people, so that life change continually happens. They are engaging communicators, connectors, contributors, and coaches who find ways for people to pursue relationship with God and others. They want to reach the world for Jesus Christ, one person at a time and genuinely listen intently and mobilize strategically and they help people take the next step to grow through Christ-centered discipleship.

They are intentional to lead and live out radical vulnerability, measured through stories of change. At Valley Real Life it is okay to be real. They seek to courageously inspire people to move forward, in life together, to always pursue one. Since 2003, with multiple locations, and thousands of people being transformed, they want unstoppable relational momentum for disciple-making disciples.


Valley Real Life Student Ministry seeks to create engaging environments for all youth from 6th through 12th grades. They focus on creating both large group and smaller class environments where all can feel cared for and welcomed.


The Middle School Ministry for VRL meets Wednesday night for large group programming. The evening includes ample "hang time" along with Worship, games and teaching. After the message they have gender/grade based “conversation groups” for the last 15-20 minutes.


  • Worship is student led, primarily by the high school students-- VRL desires to see students involved in ministry, not just consumers of the ministry.
  • The Student Ministries takes over the entire building for this night. The program is in the main auditorium-- VRL prioritizes the Student Ministry and makes room for them.
  • The summer format is slightly different (outside and a little more casual)-- VRL seeks to provide variance of programming and gives leadership a different rhythm for rest and renewal.


  • VRL does summer camp through CIY MIX in Seattle in August.
  • They conduct a winter camp in at Camp Lutherhaven in February. MS and HS do back to back weekends on the same theme, this way the MS and HS teams work together on planning and execution.
  • They sprinkle extra events in throughout the year (costume party, silent disco, etc.) for the purpose of outreach and fun!


  • Life Groups meet on Thursday night during the main service, meeting in the Kids wing and extra rooms. These meet in 5-6 week bursts during the school year, taking a break in the summer.
  • These are divided up based on grade and gender. Students pre-register for the groups and the groups close for the session and reopen for the next session. They seek to have two adult leaders for each group.

  • Requirements



    Critical mass calls for critical programming. VRL looks forward to a new leader who can come in and plan the middle school program that looks, feels and is different than the high school program. Middle School Ministry is a priority and programs and activities should reflect not only that priority, but be planned specifically (and creatively) for this unique age and stage!


    Valley Real Life is a fun environment with many rewards-- however it is a driven environment as well. The new leader should come in ready to laugh, but also equipped and driven to work. The Next Gen Ministry team does much in collaboration, therefore they prioritize in-office times so that community can be built and ideas can be shared.


    Because of the size, scope and the anticipated growth of VRL Student Ministry it is imperative that the new Pastor come in with the knowledge that a good portion of his or her time will be spent with the adult population in student ministry. Time interacting with middle schoolers is always desired, but the realistic expectation for this new hire is that he or she will equip and empower leaders for relational ministry with students and their families.


    VRL Kids Ministry has a solid foundation of long-time families to build upon. In addition, new families are drawn to the growing central/original campus. The new Middle School Pastor should partner well with the Kids Ministry to ensure a great transition takes place into the Middle School Ministry of VRL.


    As VRL Student Ministry continues to grow, it is imperative that the new Middle School Pastor continues the ministry structure that is scalable to grow with the church. This happens through the recruitment, training and sustaining of the leadership team. VRL Student Ministry had a strong group of volunteers prior to COVID-19, but now a new strategy for recruitment is needed. The new Pastor will team with Tyler Lane (NextGen Pastor) to recruit and train a new flock of leaders as they seek to partner with parents through these development years and equip students to love Jesus and others well.



  • Will embody and lead others on their team to live out the vision, mission, values, and processes here at VRL which can be summed up to be and make disciples of Jesus. This can be done by:
  • Personally living out and keeping their team accountable to living out our ABCD process.
  • Being able to report how your team is at making disciples through this process. A regularreport will be helpful to maintain balance and growth.
  • Will be a prepared and positive contributor.
  • Be able to communicate ideas positively and effectively in team meetings, one on ones, with staff and in our congregation. In addition, will take those ideas and communicate them effectively for buy-in purposes.
  • Have a team first mentality. This means buying into decisions both verbally and in action and helping others to do the same. That means not just representing or pulling for your area of oversight but always processing through and staying engaged in what might be best for the church.
  • Will be coachable and able to coach others.
  • To be coachable means being open to feedback from all areas.
  • To be coachable means finding ways to continue to grow as a leader in your area. That could be a network of people from other churches, books, or conferences.
  • To coach means giving regular feedback to those in your oversight. Always looking for ways to point out success and growth while at the same time helping others see and know how to grow.
  • Example would be regular meetings with your direct reports and checking in from time to time with those who report to your direct reports either as a volunteer or staff.
  • Example would be helping your direct reports put together a personal and ministry growth plan with goals and objectives that can be celebrated along the way.
  • Ability to not only carry the current weight of responsibility that has been given, but also to grow these areas in quality, depth, and breadth.
  • Quality and depth would be the training, equipping, and growing spiritually the ministry areas and people under you.
  • Breadth would be growing the ministries numerically while the high value of volunteer involvement and leadership takes place. We will resource and staff where there is a need, so the oversight of these areas runs efficiently.


    Create strategies to help Middle School students and families take their next step through building and supporting an effective, efficient and passionate Middle School Ministry.


  • To oversee the Middle School Ministry of VRL.
  • To develop key goals & strategies to help every Middle School Student to be actively discovering & growing in their faith.
  • To help parents be involved in the spiritual formation of their student’s life.
  • To make decisions on the most effective programs to impact our middle school.
  • Building relationships, encourage and empower the individuals of the Middle School volunteers.
  • Lead and organize events (camps, retreats, etc.).
  • Work in conjunction with Children’s Pastor and High School Pastor for a successful transition in and out of Middle School Ministry for students.
  • Work with staff to cast and communicate a vision for Student Ministries that is consistent with VRL.


  • Attend VRL church services on a regular basis.
  • Have attended a DNA class, signed a membership form and be in missional alignment with VRL.
  • Be in a weekly small group on a regular basis.
  • Committed to regular giving of income to God through VRL.
  • Abiding in Christ and continuing to grow toward Christlikeness and spiritual maturity.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, clear communicator and humble-like character.
  • Self-motivated and looks for additional areas to contribute.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision & maintain workflow without being asked or tasked.
  • Ability to multi-task and pay attention to detail.
  • Ability to make adjustments in work style for the benefit of the team.
  • This position requires grace under pressure as things are constantly changing, which can create an exciting, yet frenzied atmosphere.
  • Participate in staff meetings, providing up-to-date information about ministry.
  • Keep the NextGen Team Lead thoroughly informed of staff accomplishments, concerns and future plans.
  • Maintain excellent relationships and open communication with all staff.


  • Gifted in teaching & stage presence
  • Strong relationally
  • Effective recruiter & team player
  • Solid organizational skills.


  • Years of Experience: 2-4 years’ experience
  • Education Required: HS Diploma + experience
  • Major/Minor: Education relating to field of expertise
  • Certifications/Licenses: Preferred biblical/technical certificate related to field of expertise
  • Management/Supervisor Experiences: Experience leading volunteers
  • Budget Oversight: Yes
  • Size of Church/Organization Experience: 500+