Vintage Grace Church - Children's Ministries Pastor

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  • El Dorado Hills, United States

Vintage Grace Church - Children's Ministries Pastor

Job description

The Children's Ministries Pastor will provide oversight and leadership to Vintage Kids ministry. This role will oversee the volunteers that serve in the Vintage Kids classes on the weekends and in any of the other children's programming. The position is designed to support the achievement of Vintage Grace's mission and vision. It is a peer to other directors and pastoral staff members, but also will have subordinate paid pastoral staff or lay leaders for which it is accountable. The current Kids team consists of Jen Sodestrom as Kids Pastor, as well as a Kids Coordinator and Kids Resident. About half the effort of this position engages the execution of the functional elements of children’s ministries. The other half invests in the development of a leadership community around family and children’s ministries.


  • Has worked through evangelizing and discipling children. Realizes there is a problem with this approach. Can clearly articulate that problem. Has shaped a philosophy of ministry that, going forward, avoids the recurrence of the problem.
  • Is a capable teacher, comfortable one-on-one, in small interactive groups or large, sermon-like presentations.
  • Is tech-savvy, embraces technology as a means of ministry but not the end.
  • Can demonstrate, by anecdote and reference, solid one-on-one relational skills.
  • Is known as a leader by colleagues and co-workers. If asked, people he/she has worked with would describe her very quickly as a “learner.”
  • Has a healthy family that, within his/her power, demonstrates a productive philosophy of effective family leadership.
  • Trains, equips and deploys leaders and has a track record to prove it. Can describe the good, the bad and the ugly of things that worked and failed.
  • Not wholly satisfied, that she/he serves with a pastoral team that will enable spiritual formation to the level they believe is best for families.
  • Recognizes that programs are means but, in and of themselves, are weak at producing life change that is deep and lasting.
  • Sold out to the notion that changing lives is the only reason she/he does what she/ he does.
  • Infused with a desire to seek God, to enjoy God, no matter where it leads him/her, and yet is uneasy at being caught all too often in the doings of ministry—Mary/ Martha Syndrome.
  • Excited and overwhelmed to be used by God to introduce a whole new way of looking at parental roles in the discipleship of children to a congregation and parents who have a distinctly different point of view about this specific subject. Challenged to figure out how to do that in a way that creates positive, productive growth in the body.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year college or university preferred or plans to complete, a degree in ministry and/or theological studies. 
  • Prefer 2+ years experience in a church setting leading in an area within Children's Ministries.