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West Ridge Community Church - NextGen Pastor

Job description

West Ridge Community Church was founded by Darren Sloniger and a team in 1997. After walking away from his faith for several years, he knew the struggles people have with the church and encountered the same upon his own reentry. Darren's vision was to create a safe place for people to explore faith at their own pace and not be judged. Today, West Ridge Community Church has become an authentic and grace filled community. It is uniquely volunteer led through and through. There are two full-time and three part-time staff, but the lay leadership structure is all designed to equip and empower volunteer teams. Walk into West Ridge Community Church and you will discover right away there is nothing "as usual" about this church.

Weekend worship services are held in a club-like theater that was inspired by the House of Blues and co-designed with a Disney Imagineer. Presently an average of 600-700 people participate onsite and online each week. By building an aesthetically inviting and pragmatic property resource in its neighborhood, West Ridge Community Church sought to create a wildly welcoming space, especially for people who resisted walking into a church.


For 23 years, God has grown the community and ministry of this body of believers in distinct ways. Everything from the music and teaching to atmosphere and mood is refreshing. The topics and conversation are real, transparent, gritty and gutsy. West Ridge Community Church brings God's grace in greater measure all around Elgin and across the globe, particularly in Nicaragua. This entrepreneurial church is ready to bring on its first full-time Next Gen Pastor to help the next generation encounter, embrace and embody the radical love of God.

West Ridge Community Church needs an experienced leader-of-leaders who has the chops to "get after it" in a way that revitalizes West Ridge Students starting today and enhances West Ridge Kids over time. The Next Gen Pastor's biggest win will be to discern, develop, and deploy strategies that reach middle school and high school students in alignment with the church's unique ministry philosophy. The Next Gen Pastor must have thick skin, take risks, push through resistance, persuade and partner for a common cause. They'll also be part of the weekend teaching team rotation during the year.