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Westerville Christian Church - Lead Minister

  • Westerville, Ohio, United States
Senior Leadership

Job description

Westerville Christian Church began with planning meetings in homes in 1968 as the Westerville Church of Christ, part of the American Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. The first Sunday worship service was held on October 13, 1968, at the Westerville Jaycee swimming pool, with 59 in attendance. The charter membership roll was closed in February 1969 with 54 members. At that time, the City of Westerville's population was about 7500; it is now almost 40,000. In March 1974, the first worship service was held in the new church building at 471 East College Avenue, with 293 in attendance.

In April 1993, the name of the congregation was changed to the Westerville Christian Church to avoid being confused with the United Church of Christ. In the 55 years of the church's history, they have had 6 Lead Ministers -- their current Lead has served faithfully for the past 25+ years. They have in-person weekly attendance of approximately 850 with two services and a continued significant online presence. Online services have become the new "front door" for Westerville CC, and they will continue to employ that strategy in reaching their community.

As Westerville looks to the future they are excited at the potential God has placed in front of them to continue to reach their community and beyond for Jesus!

Job requirements


The right Lead Minister for Westerville Christian Church will be a proven leader who excels at leading through relationships. He will work with leadership to define a vision for the church and be able to explain that vision in a way that resonates with the staff and the congregation. He will be an approachable pastor who creates a team-focused environment. The Lead Minister will be able to receive feedback and respond appropriately to conflict.


The Lead Minister will lead and preach from a foundation firmly based on sound doctrine and Scripture. As they communicate on the weekends, he will read from the Bible weekly and reference the Bible always during the messages. The Lead Minister will be an effective storyteller and his communication will be relatable to all generations while preaching. His communication style will regularly provide a "so what?" application for the congregation. In this complex world in which people live, the Lead Minister will have the ability and desire to engage controversial topics present in our culture, such as same-sex topics, abortions, etc.


The vast majority of the direct care functions of Westerville CC will be the responsibility of other staff and volunteer teams. The exception to this will be the staff team. The Lead Minister for Westerville will have a personal passion & gifting to provide care for the staff and their families, ensuring all efforts are taken to ensure these critical leaders are flourishing both personally and professionally.