Willingdon Church Worship Arts Pastor

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Willingdon Church Worship Arts Pastor

Job description

Willingdon is a community church, international in attendance, biblical in its message, uplifting in its worship, focused in its commitment to prayer, warm-hearted in its touch, and committed in its service to all ages from all walks of life.  Willingdon is a church of 4,000 (pre-covid) and is multi-generation and multi-cultural. “It feels as though we are headed in to a new season,” says Senior Pastor Ray Harms-Wiebe, “and not just because we are now post-covid. This new season is marked with a unity on our team and with our Elders.”

“This is not a mono-cultural expression,” says Executive Director Penny Fuchihara, “our next worship arts pastor will need to embrace all ages, races, and multiple styles of worship as well.” Music has transcended language and culture and has helped this church reach an international community that draws them to God. The church is a part of the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.


Diversity of age, race and musical style are on display every weekend at Willingdon. Zoomers, millennials, busters, and boomers join on platform and online to lead this community in worship. “Above all I want to hire one who is in awe of god, who knows how to worship and how to take others there,” says Pastor Ray. It is obvious listening to Ray talk that this is not about excellent music performed by a few for others to observe, but about engagement of all of those in attendance.

The worship arts staff is a group of six in their twenties and early thirties who’ve been on the staff for quite a while. “A team leader who can disciple, shepherd and lead the team is going to be key,” says Penny. The next Worship Arts Pastor – Team Leader may be on platform or in the booth, but they will oversee both, and the resources that go with it. That includes a talented group of diverse young staff, many of whom began as interns and have been working full time for a number of years.

This team includes a Berkley grad, art institute grads, and one getting a master’s in counseling. Young in heart, and in zeal, but “veteran team” by today’s standards of tenure. These are not rookies in need of a coach as much as they are highly educated and gifted arts and technical leaders in need of a producer. A producer-minded leader will see the value in serving them well, and helping them do their thing at the highest level. The worship ministry has a history of large seasonal outreach events. “We’d love to see these be part of our future, but we know they will change over time,” says Pastor Ray.

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